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Subject: Re: [IRL-DONEGAL] New Donegal Researchers Data Base Update 6 Aug2010
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2010 19:27:50 -0400
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Hi Bob:

Were your comments for me ??? with regard to my Sinnott surname ???

I did post a large e-mail a couple of weeks ago,to
<> but never did see it reflected on the Donegal

I know it was posted somewhere because I got a reply from one lister named
Barbara Nelson who has Sinnott ancestors from Wexford also.

I e-mailed Don Kelly thinking he was the list administrator and he never
responded so I am completely baffled.

I am a member of the Dublin,Wexford and Wicklow list and communication is
always spot on, I'm not so sure of this list and why there are so many
variable list addresses for one county.

Edd Sinnett in Florida

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Subject: [IRL-DONEGAL] New Donegal Researchers Data Base Update 6 Aug 2010

> Updated as of: 6 Aug 2010
> Why not enter your research surnames? There may be someone on the
> List looking for the same family/surname. It is Free
> To submit your research data follow the instructions in the db which you
> can download at my website.
> (RED Box)
> Look under the second (2nd) Tab located along the bottom of the
> spreadsheet (Instructions - submit your data). You can't input your
> own data into the DB but must submit your input via the Donegaleire
> Mailing List. It will be picked up and inserted into the spreadsheet.
> Bob
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