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From: Colman Ahern <>
Subject: Ahern Baptisms & Marriages, St. Colman's Cathedral Cobh/Queenstown.
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2008 12:52:12 -0700


I hope the below is of some help to some of you. I have been working for some years on my
family genealogy and know some of the problems involved in obtaining parish records.

Colman Ahern,

Berkeley, Calif.

AHERN BAPTISMS & MARRIAGES, St. Colman's Cathedral, Cobh. Civil parishes Clonmel/Temple
Robin. These were extracted from the transcriptions of the original parish records, I do
not know how complete the transcriptions are.

NMRL in the baptism extracts means no marriage record listed for the parents in the
marriage transcriptions which I received from the parish, P: in the extract before a name
means priest.

The list of marriages at the end are for couples who did not have children baptised in the

Arthur Aherne & Margaret Richmond: NMRL.
Mary, bap 20th April 1859, spon Mary McCarthy & ----?
Augustine, bap 7th October 1860, spon Eugene Lombard & Margaret Halloran
Catherine, bap 19th March 1863, spon John Holland & Margaret Aherne

Bartholomew Ahern & Frances Fitzgerald: married 15th October 1848, witt: John Stack &
Jane Fitzgerald. P: Timy Murphy.
Catherine, bap 31st December 1848, spon Patrick Kidney & Catherine Buckle
John, bap 2nd December 1849, spon Margaret MOATE & James Cronin
Mary, bap 2nd December 1849, spon James Sullivan & Mary Foley
Edward, bap 22nd February 1852, spon John Kidney & Anne Lynch

Bartholomew Ahern & Dorothy Lacy: married 31st July 1859, witt: Michael Ahern & Mary
Sullivan. P: J.C.
John, bap 29th November 1863, spon William Coffey & Mary Ahern
Mary, bap 28th January 1866, spon John Flynn & Mary Sullivan
Catherine, bap1st May 1870, spon John Condon & Mary Reardon
Dorothy, bap 4th August 1872, spon John Tattan Mary Tattan

Colman Ahern & Ellen Ahern: NMRL.
Mary, bap 3rd November 1820, spon Peter Walsh & Eliza Geary

Colman Ahern & Catherine Cotter: NMRL. (Married 9th January 1886 Youghal, witt Godfrey
Holmes & Mary Cotter.)
Anne Josephine, bap 24th October 1886, spon Charles J. Conway & Margaret O'Sullivan.
Mary Ursula, bap 16th October 1887, spon James Ahern & Teresa Conway
James Jeremiah, bap 21st February 1889, spon John Ahern & Bessie Cogan.
Nora, bap 1st June 1890, spon Matthew Lawton & Marjery Ahern
Elizabeth, bap 15th November 1891, spon Patrick O'Grady & Jane Cotter

Daniel Ahearn & Ellen Flyn: NMRL.
Mary, bap 23rd March 1817, spon Cate Curtin & James Fitzgerald

Daniel Ahern & Mary Fennessy: married 14th January 1820, witt Daniel Fennessy & Garret
Hegarty. P. Thos. Croke.
Honor, bap 16th December 1824, spon Timothy Dinan & Ellen Hallaghan
Thomas, bap 1st April 1827, spon August Barry & Margaret Ahern

Daniel Ahern & Mary Jane Gribble: married 15th Jan. 1859, wit. John Hammond & Bridget
Bransfield. P. J.C.
Mary, bap 19th May 1859, spon John Hammond & Margaret McGill
John Patrick, bap 10th March 1861, spon James Ball & Alice McCarthy
George, births sep 1864, Liverpool, 8b 59. (Free BMD England).

Daniel Ahern & Honor Riordan: married 25th January 1815, witt Roger Burke & John Riordan.
Michael, bap 18th October 1818, spon Timothy Burke & Mary Burke

David Ahern & Honora Keleher: NMRL.
Daniel, bap 6th June 1844, spon Michael Burke & Eliza Toomey

David Ahern & Ellen Ahern: NMRL.
John, bap 27th April 1834, spon John Ahern & Ellen Kenelly
David, bap 17th January 1836, spon John Galway & Ellen Ahern

David Ahern & Mary Ring: NMRL.
Ellen, bap 11th March 1866, spon James Aherne & Margaret Ring
John, bap 18th April 1867, spon Michael Ring & Ellen Kelleher
Margaret, bap 5th July 1868, spon Daniel McCarthy & Catherine Ring
Timothy, bap 18th July 1869, spon James Treacy & Hanora Kelliher
Hanora, bap 3rd September 1871, spon John Ring & Mary McCarthy
Michael, bap 10th October 1875, spon James Deasy & Margaret Walsh
David, bap 3rd November 1878, John Walshe & Hanorah Walshe
Timothy, bap 28th May 1882, spon Michael Mahoney & Julia Kelleher

David Ahern & Ellen Sullivan: NMRL.
John, bap 23rd May 1850, spon Dan Leahy & Mary Conway
Patrick, bap 17th March 1853, spon Cornelius Dinan & Mary Allen
Michael, bap 22nd April 1855, spon Michael Callinan & Mary Murphy
David, bap 6th June 1858, spon James Burke & Catherine Allen
Ellen, bap 25th August 1861, spon Patrick Courtnay & Mary Cotter

David Ahern & Mary Ahern: NMRL.
Mary 13th July 1873, spon David Walsh & Hannah Ahern

David Ahern & Kate Harris: married 28th September 1871, witt Edward Butler & Hanora
Lynch. P: Edward Twohig.
William, bap 18th July 1875, spon Tom Harris & Cate Heaphy
Mary Bridget Kate, bap 6th February 1879, spon ----- & Lizzie O'Neill

David Ahern & Honoria Carey: married 9th January 1836. P: C. Davis.
Michael, bap 9th September 1846, spon Garrett Condon & Ellen Nagle

Denis Ahern (Aghern) & Mary Walsh: married 22nd August 1840, witt Peter Ahern & Ellen
Dennehy. P: P. Sullivan.
John Aghern, bap 19th January 1842, spon Patrick Murphy & Margaret Coughlan
Mary, bap 17th October 1843, spon Michael Lynch & Catherine McDonn--?
Patrick, bap 18th June 1846, spon Jeremiah Foley & Mary Murphy
Margaret, bap 11th March 1849, spon Patrick Walsh & Mary Sweeney

Edmond Aherin & Mary Aherin: NMRL.
Edmond, bap 11th November 1838, spon William McCarthy & Mary McCarthy

Edward Ahern & Mary Walsh: NMRL.
Eliza, Bap 12th June 1833, spon Honora Neil & Mary Sloane
Mary, bap 12th June 1833, spon Honora Neil & Mary Sloane

Eugene Ahern & Catherine Morrisson: married 30th September 1827, witt Patrick Haly &
Patrick Morrison. P: Cors. Scully.
Edmund, bap 11th September 1828, spon Jeremiah Callaghan & Mary Sweeny

Florence Ahern & Norah Dunne: married 2nd March 1878, witt Michael Sullivan & Catharine
Scannell. P: Stephen Ashlin. (His parents James Ahern & Mary Donovan, address: Midleton.
Her parents Daniel Dunne & Hannah Coughlan, address Queenstown/Ring.)
Anne Eliza, bap 18th July 1880, spon Michael Williams & Rosella Hughes

James Aherne & Hanora Murphy: NMRL.
Maurice Patrick, bap 13th March 1870, spon Edmund Murphy & Catherine Ahern
Bridget, bap 1st February 1874, spon Edward Gallagher & Kate Mahony

James Ahern & Margaret O'Sullivan: married 6th October 1889, witt William Cooney & Ellie
O'Sullivan. P: John Barry. (His parents James Ahern & Anne Myles, address Queenstown.
Her parents Timothy O'Sullivan & Catherine Joy, address Miltown, Co. Kerry.)
Anne Agnes, bap 21st December 1890, spon Jeremiah Smith & Bessie Cogan
Coleman, bap 13th December 1891, spon John Kilty & Margaret Roche
Catherine, bap 24th November 1892, spon Gerald Mahony & Harriet O'Neil
Elizabeth, bap 8th July 1894, spon John Mahony & Annie Mahony
Margaret, bap 15th September 1895, spon Pat Hegarty & Eliza Cogan
Anne Agnes, bap 11th March 1897, spon Charles J. Conway & Mary Ahern.

James Ahern & Ellen Murphy: married 18th September 1842, witt Pat Murphy & Johanna
Murphy. P: Rev J. England.
Michael, bap 10th September 1843, spon Michael Ahern & Margaret Base
John, 21st September 1845, spon Thomas Barry & Jane Riordan
Mary, bap 14th November 1847, spon Thomas Ahern & Catherine Ahern
Bartholomew, bap 2nd December 1849, spon Patrick Murphy & Bessy Mulligan
Thomas, bap 25th June 1854, spon John Cadogan & Eliza Gibson

James Ahern & Margaret Finn: NMRL.
Catherine, bap 12th April 1821, spon Michael Brien & Catherine Blut

James Ahern & Anne Myles: Married 31st October 1849, witt Jerh. Mahony & Margt. McGill.
P: Tim Murphy.
John, bap 29th January 1851, spon Jeremiah Mahony & Ellen Walsh
Coleman, bap 28th January 1852, spon William Kirby & Bridget Hennessy
John Patrick, bap 19th March 1854, spon William Aherne & Anne Milwood
Elizabeth, bap 15th July 1858, spon Cornelius Foley & Mary A. Gribble
James, bap 2nd July 1860, spon Jeremiah Mahony & Mary Myles

James Ahern & Hanna Murphy: NMRL.
David, bap 31st March 1872, spon James McNamara & Margaret O'Connor
Mary Kate, bap 25th November 1877, spon Maurice Kidney & Ellen Desmond
James, bap 16th May1880, spon John Ross* & Mary Jane Riordan

James Ahern & Mary McGill: NMRL. (See John Ahern & Mary McGill)
Eliza, bap 11th March 1821, spon Andrew Nelson & Mary Doyle

James Ahern & Norah Murphy: married 6th December 1866, witt John McCarthy & Margt. Drury.
P: Jas. Rice.
Ellen, bap 12th January 1868, John Ahern & Hannah Neal

James Ahern & Catherine Cotter: married 31st November 1861, witt Patrick Sullivan &
Margaret Ahern. P: Rev. P. CICT.
Michael, bap 10th August 1865, spon Richard Frahill & Mary Ahern
John, bap 24th May 1863, spon Michael Healy & Ellen Smyth
James, bap 24th February 1867, spon Michael Cotter & Elizabeth Bransfield

James Ahern & Catherine Roche: NMRL
John, bap 4th April 1816, spon James Osborn & Mary Good
John bap 10th July 1816, spon JA & Mary Good???????

James Ahern & Julia Ahern: NMRL
Julia, bap 22nd February 1815, Patrick Miller & Margaret Tay

James Ahern & Judith Purcell: NMRL
Margaret, bap 19th May 1816, spon John Ahern & Ellen Keeffe

James Ahern & Bridget Allen: NMRL
Thomas, bap 7th January 1819, spon Thomas Wedge & Catherine Howard

James Ahern & Mary Reordan: NMRL
William, bap 5th September 1817, James MaGil & Mary Donovan

James Aherne & Ellen McCarthy: married 7th October 1873, witt Daniel Millwood & Mary
Millwood. P: Henry E. Dennehy.
James, bap 29th March 1877, spon Denis McCarthy & Minnie Miland

James Aherne & Bridget Hennesy: NMRL
Michael, bap 11th March 1855, spon Michael Aherne & Mary Cotter
Mary, bap 8th June 1856, spon William Hogan & Mary Aherne

Jeremiah Ahern & Ellen Shanahan: married 29th August 1829, witt William Cotter & James
Forrest. P: Cors Scully. (Marriage entry does say Margaret Shanahan??)
Mary, bap 15th January 1833, spon William Cotter & Ellen McCarthy
Ellen, bap 9th January 1835, spon John Haly & Ellen Shanahan
Patrick, bap 9th January 1835, spon John Shanahan & Bess Cotter

John Ahern & Bridget Allen: NMRL
Elizabeth, bap 1st July 1828, spon John Ahern & Ellen Ahern
John, bap 26th April 1833, spon Thomas Ahern & Anne Healy

John Ahern & Eliza Allen: NMRL
Dermod, bap 4th October 1830, spon Michael Reardon & Mary Ahern

John Ahern & Mary Barry: married 7th February 1880, witt Michael Ahern & Jane Barry. P:
Stephen Ashlan. (His father Simon, mother Mary Barry, address Ballydaniel. Her father
Richard, mother Mary Walsh, address Ballywilliam.)
Mary Kate, bap 24th February 1881, spon Simon Ahern & Jane Barry
Richard, bap 30th July 1882, spon John Walsh & Margaret Barry
Margaret, bap 26th August 1883, spon Patrick Walsh & Margaret Higgins
Simon, bap 23rd October 1887, spon Philip Barry & Annie Mann
Ellen, bap 30th April 1891, spon Hugh Walsh & Ellen Walsh

John Ahern & Margaret Bible: NMRL
James Joseph, bap 10th May 1863, spon Jeremiah Egan & Johanna Horrigan
Mary Anne, bap 26th February 1865, spon David barry & Mary Hegarty
Margaret, bap 10th November 1867, spon Timothy Buckley & Catherine Leary

John Ahern & Genny Carrol: NMRL
Gennet, bap 12th May 1823, spon Maurice Ahern & Margaret Hodnett

John Ahern & Hanorah Clew: married 5th February 1880, witt Thomas Watson & Kate Clew. P:
S. C. Ashlin. (His residence Walterstown, his parents Thomas Ahern & Abina White, address
Carrigsane. Her residence Belgrove, her parents John Clew & Ellen Geary, address
Thomas, bap 18th April 1881, spon Thomas Connor & Ellen Clue
John, bap 30th July 1882, spon Daniel Buckley & Mary Conroy
Patrick, bap 31st August 1884, spon John clew & Hannah conroy
Mary Catherine, bap 18th July 1886, spon Michael Leary & Margaret Higgins
Christopher, bap 3rd June 1888, spon Denis Conroy & Ellen Connors
Joseph, bap 1st October 1893, spon Patrick Buckley & Mary Ronayne

John Ahern & Mary Collick: NMRL
Thomas, bap 18th October 1813, spon John Guss & Eliza Gorman

John Ahern & Catherine Donnelly: married 12th January 1861, witt John Taylor & Ellen
Kidney. P: J. Cullinan.
John, bap 15th December 1861, spon Richard Chalk & Elizabeth Driscoll

John Ahern & Margaret Finn: NMRL
Margaret, bap 20th August 1818, spon William Twomy & Bridget Finn

John Ahern & Ellen Fitzgerald: NMRL
Catherine, bap 20th March 1873, spon James Fitzgerald & Margaret Mahoney

John Ahern & Jane Fitzgerald: NMRL
Michael, bap 17th January 1828, spon Maurice Shea & Catherine Fitzgerald
Elizabeth, bap 17th June 1834, spon Michael Shea & Mary Ahern

John Ahern & Jenny Fitzgerald: NMRL
Joan, bap 14th July 1814, spon John Fitzgerald & Joan Ahern
Patrick, bap 2nd April 1818, spon James Fitzgerald & Johanna Denehy

John Ahern & Joanna Fitzgerald: NMRL
Alice, bap 5th January 1832, spon John Ahern & Fanny Houlihan

John Ahern & Julia Fitzgerald: married 1st February 1859, witt James Aherne & Peter
Forrest. P: Henry E. Dennehy.
Michael James, bap 13th May 1860, spon Patrick Callaghan & Mary Fitzgerald
Margaret, bap 19th May 1861, spon Michael Aherne & Julia Forrest
Mary, bap 25th September 1862, spon James Murphy & Bridget Ahern
Julia, bap 23rd October 1864, spon James Aherne & Catherine Tomey
Ann, bap 7th June 1866, spon Patrick Walsh & Ellen Callaghan
Catherine, bap 13th December 1868, spon John Murphy & Margaret Higgins
John, bap 16th December 1869, spon Maurice Ahern & Jane Murphy
John, bap 20th November 1870, spon James Murphy & Minnie Ahern
Michael, bap 21st May 1874, spon DANIAL Ahern & Margaret Ahern

John Ahern & Hannah Glen: NMRL
Michael, bap 20th August 1891, spon Bat Collins & Ellen O'Leary

John Ahern & Ellen Hallahan: NMRL
Ellen, bap 17th December 1838, spon James James Ahern & Mary Ellise

John Ahern & Bridget Halnan: married 29th January 1818, witt Tim Halnane & Bridget
Halnane. P: Thomas Croke.
Mary, bap 10th April 1825, spon Martin Harty & Jude Collick
Bridget, bap 18th June 1835, spon Michael Ahern & Margaret Harnett

John Ahern & Bridget Hanlon: (Same couple as above??)
Timothy, bap 20th December 1840, spon Michael Ahern & Norry Ahern

John Ahern & Bridget Keneddy: NMRL
Mary, bap 6th July 1845, spon William Ahern & Margaret Ahern

John Ahern & Rosanna (Rosetta?) Lynch: NMRL
Ellen, bap 5th March 1854, spon ------? & Susan Garde
Mary, bap 9th October 1858, James Ward & Mary Dowling
John, bap17th May 1860, spon Thomas Neal & Margaret Gray

John Ahern & Mary Maguire: NMRL
Margaret, bap 9th August 1828, spon Daniel McCarthy & Mary Bond

John Aherne & Mary Anne Mahony: married 5th February 1856, witt Wm. Cotter & Susan Lynch.
P: T. Murphy.
Hanorah, bap 11th March 1866, spon Jeremiah Murphy & Ellen Lynch.
HONORAH, born 4th March 1866, parents John Ahearn & Mary Ann Mahoney, Queenstown Cork.
(From online IGI, Batch No. C701285, film #0101124.)
WILLIAM JOHN, born 8th December 1868, Cork, parents John Ahearn & Mary Ann Mahoney. (From
online IGI, Batch No. C012008.)

John Ahern & (Mary?) Elizabeth Morton: married 20th June 1885, witt Joseph Butt & Bessie
Cogan. P: D. Keller. (His father James Ahern. Her parents William Morton & Mary Kelly
from Pomeroy Co. Tyrone). ((From civil reg)).
Mary Anne Elizabeth, bap 10th February 1887, spon Jeremiah Smith & Maria Barry
James William, bap 28th July 1892, spon Thomas Bride & Bridget Crotty
Colman, bap 28th January 1897, spon Michael Davis & Kate Ahern

John Ahern & Mary Nagle: (Marriage register transcripts show their marriage with the same
date and wittness as John Ahern & Mary McGill, transcription error?)
Catherine, bap 24th September 1830, spon Denis Daly & Mary Keleher

John Ahern & Ellen McCarthy: NMRL
Michael, Bap 9th November 1845, spon John Kirby & Mary Linehan
Emma, bap 24th September 1848, spon Bartholomew Ahern & Mary Boyle
Julia, bap 19th May 1850, spon William Gorman & Julia Gorman
Denis, bap 6th November 1853, spon Patrick Burke & Catherine Kidney
John, bap 30th March 1856, spon Michael Gorman & Elizabeth Gorman
Patrick, bap 31st October 1858, spon John Stack & Catherine Russell
William, bap 18th April 1861, spon James Ronayne & Kate Flynn
Catherine, bap 23rd August 1863, spon John Gorman & Catherine Ahern
Ellen, bap 6th May 1866, spon Garret Neill & Mary Murphy

John Ahern & Mary McCarthy: NMRL `
John, bap 13th August 1828, spon C. McCarthy & Anne Sweeney

John Ahern & Mary McGill: married18th January 1818, witt Laurence Figily & Catherine
Guess. P: Thos. Croke.
James, bap 6th June 1819, spon James Sympson & Johanna Cashman
Mary, bap 17th November 1823, spon John O'Brien & Elizabeth McCarthy
John, bap 27th September 1825, spon John McCarthy & Anne Bell
William, bap 18th November 1831, spon John Barrett & Hanna Pigot
Daniel, bap 4th March 1835, spon Edward Lyons & Ellen Johnson
Honora, bap 28th May 1839, spon John Callaghan & Honor Kidney
(also possibly Catherine, bap 24th September 1830, spon Denis Daly & Mary Keleher, see
entry for John Ahern & Mary Nagle above?)

John Ahern & Catherine Ryan: married 28th November 1874, witt Bartholomew Jones & Bessie
Aherne. P: S.C. Ashlin.
William, bap 24th September 1876, spon James Young & Hanora Thomas
Johannah, bap 23rd February 1879, spon Bartholomew Jones & Bridget Cooper
Hanora, bap 2nd May 1880, spon John Crolly & Bridget Barry
Mary, bap 16th October 1881, spon Daniel Riordan & Mary Twomey

John Ahern & Mary Stephenson, married 4th August 1832, witt Michael F. Gerald & Mary Daly.
P: P. Duggan.
Mary, bap 9th June 1833, spon Timothy Callaghan & Catherine Pumfrees
James, bap 21st April 1835, spon Patrick Duane & Catherine Twomey
John, bap 11th December 1837, spon David Ahern & Mary Lynch
Margaret, bap 24th October 1840, spon Thomas Barry & Johanna Lynch
Mary, bap 13th April 1845, spon John Lynch & Margaret McCarthy

John Ahern (Aghern) & Catherine Walsh: NMRL
Johanna, bap 21st March 1828, spon Patrick Walsh & Mary Williams
Daniel, bap 21st December 1835, spon Edward Dinan & Mary Dinan
Michael Aghern, bap 7th September 1839, spon John Connor & Mary Dinan
Edward Aghern, bap 6th June 1841, spon Thomas Cuningham & Hanora Aghern
James, bap 6th September 1843, spon Denis Brien & Mary Callaghan

Martin Ahern & Mary Ahern: NMRL
William, bap 3rd December 1816, spon Michael O'Brien & Johanna Hogan
Simon, bap 2nd June 1820, spon Patrick Barret & Mary Hart
Eliza, bap 21st January 1823, spon William Donovan & Mary Condon
John, bap 24th June 1825, spon John Ahern & Mary Butler
Martin, bap 4th December 1828, spon Patrick Hart & Mary Hegarty
Michael, bap 11th August 1830, spon Martin Harty & May Connors
Catherine, bap 21st February 1836, spon James Halloran & Ellen Jones

Maurice Ahern & Margaret Chalke: married 14th October 1882, witt Daniel Lynch & Margaret
Cuthbert. P: D. Keller. (His residence Cork. His father Denis, mother Bridget Cotter,
address Cork. Her residence King Street Queenstown. Her father Richard, mother Ellen
Donnelly, address Queenstown.
James, bap 25th January 1883, spon Cornelius Desmond & Bridget Carroll

Mauritius Ahern (Maurice?) & Ellen Halinan: NMRL
AHERN*, bap 1st May 1813, spon Patrick Kidney & Abby Halinan

Maurice Ahern & Elliza Hallanan: NMRL
Johanna, bap 24th July 1818, spon Jer Coakly & Margaret Kidney

Maurice Ahern & Ellen Houlihan: NMRL
Michael, bap 9th September 1815, spon Pat Kidney & Mary ----? (Are these three entries
for the same couple, look at wittness names?)

Maurice Ahern & Margaret Pierce: NMRL
Mary, bap 12th November 1817, spon Timothy Leahy & Bridget Lynch
Ellen, bap 5th June 1822, spon John Fenton & Mary Fenton

Michael Aherne & Mary Aherne: NMRL
Catherine, bap 26th November 1820, spon Timothy Cashman Ellen Collins

Michael Ahern & Mary Cavanagh: NMRL
Margaret, bap 22nd October 1818, spon William Healy & Mary Conner
Serah, bap 11th January 1824, spon Charles Carty & Mary Reagan
James, bap 26th March 1826, spon Timothy Verling & Ellen Jones
Mary, bap 28th December 1828, spon Edward Farrell & Mary McCarthy
Michael, bap 20th October 1830, spon Thomas Fitzgerald & Mary Jones

Michael Ahern & Johanna Daly: NMRL
Patrick, bap 19th March 1815, spon Daniel Keeffe & Mary Fitzgerald

Michael Ahern & Eliza (Elizabeth?) Francis: NMRL
Thomas, bap 10th March 1867, spon Nicholas Connell & Emily Francis
Hannah F., bap 29th December 1872, spon John Cannan & Ellen Burke

Michael Ahern & Catherine Halloran: NMRL
Mary Catherine, bap 14th August 1884, spon William Flynn & Bridget Flynn

Michael Ahern & Joan Haly: married 15th May 1814, witt Revd. John Power & Wm. Collins
John, bap 27th July 1822, spon Michael Gorman & ------?

Michael Ahern & Johanna Healy: NMRL (Could be same couple as above?)
Mary, bap 25th November 1817, spon Thomas Geary & Catherine Geary
Catherine, bap 17th October 1819, spon William Kerby & Honor Callaghan

Michael Ahern & Catherine Judge: NMRL
Catherine, bap 19th March 1837, spon Michael Judge & Mary Kirby

Michael Ahern & Margaret Keeffe: Married 1st March 1829, witt Cath Keefe & Norry Carroll.
P: J. Beechinor.
Denis, bap 27th April 1830, spon John Frahill & Norry Kidney
Mary, bap 14th October 1832, spon James Harty & Mary Kidney
Maurice, bap 14th October 1832, spon William Kidney & Hanora Cotter
James, bap 16th October 1832, spon Michael Ahern & Julia Cotter.

Michael Ahern & Ellen Keleher: married 25th September 1867, witt William Conner & Ellen
Connor. P: Jas Rice.
Mary Catherine, bap 19th September 1875, spon John Barry & Catherine Barry
Daniel, bap 13th May 1877, spon George Barry & Maria Jane Finn
Ellen, bap 2nd June 1879, spon William Connor & Mary Verling

Michael Ahern & Mary Loony: NMRL
Mary, bap 9th April 1833, spon Denis ahern & Mary Tobin

Michael Ahern & Mary Carthy (McCarthy?): NMRL
Ellen, bap 5th October 1814, spon James W. Cull & Honor Reardan
William, bap 23rd November 1823, spon William Burke & Ellen Callaghan

Michael Ahern & Mary McCarthy: NMRL
Ellen, bap 7th October 1814, spon James McPherson & Honor Read

Michael Ahe(a?)rn & Mary McCarthy: NMRL
Honor Ahe(a)rn, bap 25th March 1817, Michael O'Neil & Margaret Barry
Ellen, bap 26th July 1818, spon John Burke & Johanna Dealy
James, bap 26th July 1818, spon Batt Barry & Johanna Burke
Margaret, bap 17th June 1821, spon Joseph Scannell & Margaret Sweeny

Michael Ahern & Mary McCarthy: married 15th May 1864, witt Timothy Hegarty & Mary Conway.
P: Stephen A---?
John Charles, bap 19th April 1868, spon James McCarthy & Elizabeth Riordan
Patrick, bap 5th September 1869, spon Charles McCarthy & Margaret Ahern
Charles, bap 19th November 1871, spon John Crofts & Elizabeth McCarthy
Michael, bap 31st October 1875, spon Callaghan McCarthy & Mary J. Riordan
James, bap 13th February 1879, spon Jeremiah Hegarty & Mary Crofts

Michael Ahern & Mary Sheehan: married 10th January 1813, witt John Barry & Danl Shea. P:
John Keily
Thomas, bap 15th January 1815, spon John Ahern & Honora Sheehan
Mary, bap 11th August 1817, spon John Hill & Ellen Sheahan
James, bap 18th February 1820, spon Timothy Ahern & Bridget Sheahan
Honora, bap 24th February 1822, spon Maurice Connelly & Mary Hart
Bridget, bap 7th May 1824, spon Michael Burke & Mary Ahern
Michael, bap 3rd February 1829, spon Patrick Keeffe & Jane Fitzgerald
John, bap 13th November 1831, spon Michael Riordan & Johanna Ahern

Michael Aghern & Catherine Walsh: married 16th February 1836, witt Michael White & Cat.
Cotter. P: C.D.
Michael, bap 13th Sepember 1840, spon James Kirby & Mary Shea

Michael Ahern & Johannah Walsh: NMRL
Michael, bap 28th May 1826, spon John Callaghan & Michael Coakly

Owen Ahern & Catherine Ahern: (nee Morrison?) NMRL
Bridget, bap-----------?, spon Patrick Hegarty & Bess Barrett
Michael, bap-----------?, spon John sullivan & Ellen Coghlan

Owen (Oldin?) Ahern & Catherine Morrison: NMRL
Mary, bap 14th April 1835, spon James Harty & Anne Barry
Patrick, bap 14th April 1835, spon William West 7 Johanna Corcoran
William, bap 21st June 1838, spon William Tottam & Ellen Fitzgerald

Patrick Ahern & Nora Ahern: NMRL
Michael, bap 4th February 1875, spon Patrick Duggan & Ellen Ahern

Patrick Ahern & Julia Donovan: married 27th November 1875, witt Patrick McCarthy & Mary
Donovan. P: W. Hickie.
Michael, bap 20th September 1877, spon Thomas Walsh & Mary Kelly

Patrick Ahern & Mary Joyce: NMRL
John, bap 18th July 1841, spon Owen Neill & Catherine Ronayn

Patrick Ahern & Dorothy Lacy: NMRL
James, bap 26th April 1868, spon Denis Twomey & Norry Ahern

Patrick Ahern & Abbey Leahy: NMRL
Daniel, bap 10th June 1849, spon John Barry & Johanna Buckley
Michael, bap 6th October 1850, spon DANIEL AHERN & Johanna Connor
Mary, bap 23rd June 1853, spon Denis Warren & Mary Lynch
Patrick, bap 30th September 1855, spon PATRICK AHERN & Mary Twomey

Patrick Ahern & Catherine McDonald: married 1st February 1845, witt Owen McDonnel & Cath.
Courtney. P: J. Murphy.
John, bap 1st March 1846, spon James MOWATT & Joanna Desmond

Patrick Ahern & Mary Riordan: married 29th August 1857, witt James Riordan & Mary Russell.
P: J.C.
Judith, bap 21st April 1826, spon William Donohugh & Mary Ahern

Patrick Ahern & Hannah Walsh: NMRL
Christopher, bap 15th June 1890, spon Patrick O'Brien & Minnie Kirby
Mary Frances, bap 28th February 1892, spon David Halloran & Mary Kidney
Elizabeth, bap 25th November 1894, spon Michael Barry & Nellie Ryle

Peter Ahern & Ellen Cleary: NMRL
Jane, bap 22nd November 1815, spon Francis Walsh & Maria Ho?

Richard Ahern(e) & Catherine Mackay: NMRL
John, bap 6th August 1871, spon Pierse Power & Catherine O'Neil
Maurice, bap 22nd February 1874, spon Stephen Collins & Ellen Walsh
Mary, bap 6th March 1876, spon Michael Fennessy & Mary Ruby
Kate, bap 28th April 1878, spon Patrick Cronin & Ellen Richards
Hannah, bap 15th February 1880, spon John Butt & Catherine Butt
Ellen Paul, bap 2nd July 1882, spon James Collins & Mary Love
Eliza, bap 26th December 1886, spon John Scannell & Mary Lamb

Simon Ahern (Aghern) & Mary Barry: married 23rd January 1841, witt David Sullivan & J.
Geary. P: P. Sullivan.
Margaret Aghern, bap 31st October 1841, spon Patrick Geary & Ellen Aghern
Ellen, bap 17th December 1843, spon James Barry & Abby Ahern
John, bap 22nd March 1846, spon Michael Barry & Mary Leahy
Simon, bap 17th March 1850, spon Daniel Higgins & Mary Leary
Michael, bap 14th January 1852, spon Thomas Leahy & Mary Higgins
Mary, bap 16th March 1854, spon Michael Higgins & Margaret Stafford

Simon Ahern & Ellen Flangan: NMRL
Abigail, bap 26th January 1815, Jeremiah Leary & Eliza Barry
Michael, bap 3rd October 1817, spon John Sullivan & Mary Burke
Ellen, bap 24th January 1826, spon James Walsh & Ellen Crowly

Simon Ahern & Mary Walsh: married 28th January 1894, witt Wm. Ahern & Mary Burke. P:
Michael Hi---? (his residence Ballydaniel, fathers name Simon. Her residence Corbally,
fathers name Barthw.)
Margaret, bap 12th January 1896, spon Daniel Higgins & Bridget Walsh
Mary, bap 18th February 1897, spon Michael Walsh & Minnie Burke

Tade Ahern & Ellen Fitzgerald: NMRL
Ellen, bap 8th October 1835, spon David Allen Catherine Ahern

Timothy Ahern & Eliza Clispey: NMRL
John, bap 30th November 1848, spon John Barry & Ellen Coughlan

Timothy Aghern & Anne Doud: NMRL
Peter Paul, bap 11th July 1840, spon John Greene & Anna Cotter

Timothy Ahern & Margaret Finn: NMRL
Patrick, bap 6th June 1824, spon Timothy Barry & Bess Burke
Ellen, bap 3rd October 1826, spon Maurice Ahern & Mary Smyth

Timothy Ahern & Jane Fitzgerald: NMRL
Catherine, bap 12th April 1821, spon Thomas Hill & Anne Connel
Margaret, bap 7th November 1825, spon William Lynch & Kate Colleck

Timothy Ahern & Bridget Halan: NMRL
Michael, bap 14th October 1821, spon Micheal Wholehan & Bridget Sheahan

Timothy Ahern & Eliza Watson: NMRL
William, bap 24th January 1847, spon Peter Browne & Cath. Murphy

Thomas Ahern & Mary Ellis: married 30th May 1841, witt Denis Ellis & Mary Keefe. P: P.
John, bap 6th January 1843, spon Jeremiah Allen & Hanora Ahern
Patrick, bap 23rd February 1845, spon Bartolomew Ahern & Eliza Ahern
Jane, bap 3rd August 1851, spon William Higgins & Jane Ahern

Thomas Ahern & Elliza Gorman: NMRL
Daniel, bap 13th November 1817, spon Timothy Hurley & Margaret Gorman

Thomas Ahern & Mary Grady: married 23rd February 1830, witt Pat. Morris & John Cotter. P:
M. Scannell.
John, bap 28th October 1828, spon Jeremiah Figily & Mary Foley
Mary, bap 24th April 1830, spon Dan Delaney & Ellen Barry

Thomas Aherne & Isabella McCarthy: NMRL
Amelia McCarthy, bap 25th March 1857, spon Rev. T. Murphy & Julia F. McSweeney

Thomas Ahern(e) & Margaret Roche: married 10th July 1894, witt Charles G. Lankford & Mary
Anne Roche. P: J. Murphy. (His residence Park Road. His fathers name William. Her
residence Orilia Terrace. Her fathers name James.)
Mary Margery, bap 26th May 1895, spon Bernard Ryan & Mary Anne Roche
James Peter, bap 2nd July 1896, spon Michael Carey & Catherine Simpson

Thomas Ahern & Catherine Toole: married 17th July 1817, witt Johanna Hale & Catherine
Ma---? P: Thomas Cro---?
Ellen, bap 25th August 1818, spon Thomas Fitzgerald & Mary Dealy

Thomas Ahern & Mary Twiss: married 15th September 1829, witt John Jennetts & Hannah
Miller. P: Cors Scully.
Thomas, bap 25th December 1842, spon Peter Ahern & Catherine Doyle
Peter, bap 21st January 1845, spon John Campbell & Anne Doyle

Thomas Ahern & Margaret Twomey: Married 8th February 1890, witt Patrick Barry & Maggie
Tattan. P: John Barry. (His residence Rossleague, fathers name Patrick. Her residence
Fanick, fathers name Michael).
Michael, bap 23rd November 1890, spon Michael Butler & Bessie Barry
Denis, bap 13th December 1891, spon James Twomey & Kate Twomey
Bartholomew, bap 12th November 1893, spon Patrick Barry & Hanoria Twomey
Margaret, bap 18th February 1897, spon John Twomey & Ellen Gibbins

Thomas Ahern (Aghern) & Abigail (Abby, Abbina) White: NMRL
Mary, bap 12th July 1835, spon Denis Warren & Catherine Foley
Johanna, bap 8th June 1837, spon Philip Burke & Joanna Walsh
John, bap 14th January 1839, spon Daniel Dinan & Mary White
Catherine (Aghern), bap 13th December 1840, spon James Cotter & Ellen Murphy
Abigail, bap 25th March 1843, spon John Lynch & Mary Cotter
Patrick, bap 20th March 1845, spon Thomas Walsh & Mary Walsh
Thomas, bap 11th June 1846, spon Michael White & Hanna Ahern

William Ahern & Honor Ahern: NMRL
William, bap 5th June 1820, spon James McGone & Honor Fitzgerald

William Ahern & Mary English: married 15th January 1885, witt Denis Barry & Maggie Burke.
P: D. Keller. (His residence Harbour Row, his parents William Ahern & Marjery Mowett,
address Harbour Row. Her residence Bishop Street, her parents Michael English & Harriett
Day, address Bishop Street.)
Harriet Mary, bap 20th February 1887, spon William Ahern & Alice English
Margaret, bap 24th November 1889, spon Christopher English & Bridget English
William James Vincent, bap 21st July 1892, spon James Ahern & Bridget English

William Ahern(e) (Aghern) & Mary Evans: NMRL
Francisa (Aghern), bap 21st October 1841, spon Dominic Ronayne & Ellen Connell
Margaret, bap 23rd February 1843, spon James Leary & Catherine Hannan
William, bap 6th July 1845, spon Michael Sheehan & Hanna Pinkney
David, bap 16th April 1848, spon John Evans & Anna Cooper
Ellen, bap 11th April 1850, spon Maurice Ahern & Ellen Craddock
John, bap 15th February 1852, spon Thomas Donovan & Eliza Barry
Mary, bap 2nd April 1854, spon Samuel McLean & Catherine Tun---?
Daniel, bap 8th May 1856, spon John Hickey & Mary Harty
Anne, bap 14th February 1858, spon John Barrett & Margaret Allen

William Ahern & Margaret Henly: NMRL
Elizabeth, bap 13th December 1827, spon James Ahern & Judith Murphy
William, bap 25th February 1833, spon Catherine Ahern & --------?

William Ahern & Ellen Keller: NMRL
Mary Margaret, bap 8th March 1874, spon John Keller & Catherine Barry

William Ahern (Aghern) & Ellen Leary: married 16th January 1836, witt James Flanaghan &
Anne Kirby. P: PS.
John, bap 25th June 1837, spon Michael Burke & Ellen Flanagan
Mary (Aghern), bap 27th October 1839, spon James Flanagan & Eliza Sullivan
Ellen, bap 31st August 1842, spon John Flanagan & Mary Ahern
Abbey, bap 2nd March 1845, spon Michael Higgins & Catherine Flanagan
Ellen, bap 13th October 1848, spon John Higgins & Margaret Leary

William Ahern & Mary McCarthy: married 16th April 1820, witt Mary Bowen & James Cunnighan.
P: Thos. Cr---?
Patrick, bap 11th March 1821, spon Maurice O'Brien & Catherine Cahil

William Ahern & Mary McDonald: married 13th December 1873, witt Michael Murphy & Ellen
Gorman. P: W. Hickie.
Mary Anne, bap 4th October 1874, spon William Mullane & Catherine Connor

William Ahern(e) & Marjery Moate: married 27th January 1856, witt Robert Driscoll & Mary
McGill. P: T. Murphy.
James Joseph, bap 18th April 1858, spon Thomas Lawler & Isabella Mowet
Mary Margaret, bap 8th April 1860, spon Robert Lawler & Isabella McMaster
William John, bap 3rd August 1862, spon James Moate & Ellen Moate
Isabella Agnes, bap 29th January 1865, spon Daniel Hart & Isabella Lawlor
Thomas, bap 7th October 1866, spon Samuel McAlister & Mary Lawler
Mary Margery, bap 26th September 1869, spon James Ryan & Hannah Lawlor

William Ahern & Ellen Molloy: NMRL
William, bap 31st August 1845, spon William Walsh & Bridget Gleeson

William Ahern & Honor Wallace: NMRL
Richard, bap 17th May 1812, spon Cornelius Wallis & Nancy Wallis
Denis, bap 2nd January 1817, spon John Hannan & Ellen Ahern

William Aherne & Eliza Walsh: married 23rd February 1895, witt Michael Walsh & Margaret
Wa---? P: J. Murphy. (His residence Ballydaniel. His father Bartholomew, mothers
surname Doherty, address Rossleague. Her residence Corbally. Her father Joseph, mother
Kate Linehan, address Doneraile.)
Simon, bap 2nd July 1896, Spon Hugh Walshe & Ellen Walshe

Bartholemew Aherne & Mary Fitzgibbon, married 28th January 1846, witt William Connors &
Mary Grace. P: Henry E. De---?

Cornelius Ahern & Mary Coughlan, married 10th September 1829, witt Denis Driscoll & Honor
Driscoll. P: Cors Scully.

David Ahern & Ellen Driscoll, married 23rd September 1814, witt John Walsh & Thomas Molony.

Denis Ahern & Mary Callaghan, married 21st January 1844, witt Wm Barry & Margt. Leary. P:
P. O'Sullivan.

Denis Ahern & Bridget Caughan, Married 22nd February 1862, witt Jno Kidney & Mary Kidney.
P: J. Rice.

Denis Ahern & John (Johanna?) Stapleton, married 22nd September 1867, witt Wm. Donovan &
Eliza Barry. P: Jas Rice.

Eugene Ahern & Catherine Southerland, married 5th October 1865, witt Thos. Ahern & Frances
Ahern. P: Jas. Rice.

Jeremiah Ahern & Catherine Rourke, married 25th July 1871, witt John Hannigan & Bridget
Ahern. P: Jas Rice.

Jeremiah Eugene Aherne & Minnie Cahill, married 19th December 1871, witt Denis Stanton &
Charlotte Alcock. P: James Rice.

John Ahern & Margaret Thomas, married 15th June 1817, witt Thomas Collick & Francis
Murphy. P: Thomas Croke.

John Ahern & Catherine Toole, married 17th July 1817, witt Johana Hales & Catherine Magener.

John Ahern & Ellen Murphy, married 31st January 1826, witt Patrick Leonard & Elizabeth
Murphy. P: Cors Scully.

John Ahern & Cath. Connors, married 20th February 1832, witt Rev. Wm. Duggan & M. Collins.
P: Patk. Sullivan.

John Ahern & Cath. Lawton, married 28th May 1833, witt Richard Lawton & Ellen Lawton. P: PD.

John Ahern & Mary Smiddy, married 8th August 1864, witt Edwd. Fitzgearld & Ellen Regan.
P: Jas. Rice.

John Ahern & Margt. Lawless, married 1st May 1866, witt Patk. Ahern & Abina Lawless. P:
Jas Rice.

John Aherne & Margt. Connell, married 18th October 1870, witt Cornelius Rahill & Ellen
Rahill. P: Jas. Rice.

John Aherne & Mary Lalor, married 5th May 1881, witt Michael Reidy & Ellen Waugh. P: D.
Keller. (His residence 20 Margaret St, Cork city. His father Michael, mother Mary Shea,
address Margt. St. Cork. Her residence West View Queenstown, her father Michael, mother
Hannah Mawbett (Mowett), address England.

John Ahern & Mary McCarthy, married 5th October 1895, witt Patrick McCarthy & Norah
McCarthy. P: J. Murphy. (His father Patrick, mother Margaret O'Connor. Address Cork
city. Her father Patrick, mother Ellen Cunningham. Address Drishane.

Maurice Ahern & Judith Ryan, married 13th November 1819, witt Garrett Keeffe & Jerh.
Doyle. P: Thomas Keefe.

Maurice Ahearn & Martha Bowen, married 27th August 1870, witt John West & Bessy Cashman.
P: Jas. Rice.

Maurice Ahern & Ellen Daly, married 31st October 1874, witt Thomas Walsh & Maria O'Reilly.
P: Henry E. Denne--?

Maurice Ahern & Mary Anne Forrest, married 13th April 1891, witt Thomas Walsh & Ellen
Bowler. P: Joannes (John) Barry. Adm. (His residence The Mall. His father James, mother
Johanna Coleman. Address Carrigacrump. Her residence The Mall. Her father William,
mother Johanna Callaghan. Address Bohillane.)

Michael Aherne & Hannah Kirwan, married 11th February 1874, witt Thomas Walsh & Lizzie
Freen--? P: W. Hickie.

Michael Ahern & Catherine Crisp, married 9th October 1883, witt Denis Desmond & Mary Anne
Sw---? P: D. Keller. His residence Midleton Street. His father Michael, mother Johanna
Meagher. Address Cloyne. Her residence East Hill. Her father James, mother Catherine
Ronayne. Address Queenstown.

Patrick Ahern & Anne Widenham, married 18th February 1817, witt Catherine No--? & Johanna

Patrick Ahern & Mary Riordan, married 23rd May 1825, witt Patrick Barry & Marry Draddy.
P: Thos. Crolly.

Peter Ahern & Catherine Barry, married 5th June 1864, witt Robert Sheri--? & Maria
Buckley. P: Stephen Ashlin.

Richard Ahern & Mary Wilson, married 25th September 1870, witt Richard Ahern & Abina
Wilson. P: Jas. Rice.

Samuel Ahern & Catherine Hickey, married 4th February 1855, witt John Cahill & Mary
Fitzgearld. P: T. Murphy.

Thomas Ahern & Ellen Walsh, married 16th July 1863, witt Edward Kelly & Mary Anne Han--?
P: D. Parker.

Thomas Ahern & Ellen Carmody, married 14th November 1897, witt Denis Healy & Mary
Kersha--? P: Michael ---? (His residence Rossleague. His father Bartholomew, mother
---? Doherty. Address Rossleague. Her residence Harbour Hill. Her father Joseph, mother
Kate Linehan. Address Doneraile.

William Ahern & Mary Geary, married 28th November 1840, witt John Sliney & Cath. Hannan.
P: P. Sullivan.

William Ahern and Hannah Milton, married 1st January 1863, witt Thomas Hanlon & Elizabeth
Sterl--? P: S.C. Ash--?

William Ahern & Ellen Finn, married 10th May 1883, witt John Fitzpatrick & Kate Ahern. P:
D. Keller. (His residence Bishop Street. His father John, mother Ellen McCarthy.
Address Carrigaloe. Her residence Bishop Street. Her father Laurence, mother Mary
Driscoll. Address Harbour View.)

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