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Subject: The Ring Family Origins
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 00:35:50 -0000

The Irish Rings - The Mallow Connection

I am hoping that members of the wider Ring family can assist in finding the solution to the origins of the Ring clan in Ireland. Are we a small Irish Gaelic sept (O'Rinn) as postulated by McLysaght the Irish genealogist, or of English yeoman origin that arrived following the 1641 rebellion?

The family name "Ring" is found globally from Moscow to Mallow and from Barbados to Boston. In religious terms there are Catholic, Protestant and Jewish Ring lines and these are helpful in tracing the origins of the North American Rings. However, the word "ring" brings with it many genealogical difficulties when attempting Internet searches, "ring a bell? gold and silver rings, web rings etc.

In Europe, there are Ring family groupings in virtually every country, in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe through Germany, France, England and Ireland. From Europe the name travelled to America and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the West Indies (the Black Irish).

It is unlikely that all "Rings" are related because the word "ring" is a common term and may have been applied to persons carrying out the craft of jewellery similar to Fletcher (the maker of arrows) or Cooper (the maker of barrels).

However, in Ireland we must start with the available written records and these bring us to Mallow in 1739 with the first recorded family line of one Matthew Ring and Elizabeth Farmer. They were of the Church of Ireland persuasion and some of their family worked for the Newman family on the Danesfort Estate just outside Mallow town. Most of their descendants have been traced and the current Matthew Ring descendants live in Canada where George Ring, a direct descendant of Matthew and Elizabeth can verify his line through church records and word of mouth from generation to generation.

At that time, in the early 18th century there were two other male members of the family John and David and a female Ann Ring. No one knows the relationship between these early recorded Rings but they are also Church of Ireland and well recorded with their descendants in large part to be found also in Canada.

By 1766, at least two Catholic (Papist) Rings appear in the records on the census in that year, (thanks to great work by Margaret Moon who Transcribed the material from public records that was posted on the Ginni Swanton website with her kind permission).

The earliest Catholics recorded were a John Ring and a David Ring. The naming pattern of the Irish Rings remains very constant and is both a help and a hindrance. Both the Catholic and Protestant lines contain many of the same Christian names making it difficult to sort one from the other at times.

Mallow is the starting point for the recorded Rings, Catholic and Protestant and from there they spread to all corners of County Cork and spilled over a little into neighbouring Limerick and Kerry until the Famine decimated the family.

At this point I will finish for the moment and would welcome any contributions from Ring family members at home or overseas on my comments to date.

Jerry Ring - Dublin Ireland

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