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FYI - Rep. Feigenholtz is on Facebook.

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May 2010

bringing you all the news that's fit to print from the Land of Lincoln. We
are a voice for the Illinois Open Organization,


It is the civil and human right of ALL ADOPTED ADULTS to have access to
their original birth records unconditionally and free from falsification.

Our goal is to challenge Illinois legislators to restore this civil and
human right to all adopted men and women. We will not support legislation
that places any restrictions on the rights of all adopted adults' access to
their obc's.

It is not our primary goal to be a search organization.

We are independent of any other group.

HB 5428

HB 5428 could not be stopped in its tracks as we had hoped. But we must
remember that it was fast-tracked and that the Democrats are currently in
control of both houses. Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, the sponsor of the bill is a
Democrat so it is not a big wonder that she was successful. Governor Pat
Quinn, a Democrat is expected to sign the bill. It is quite unfortunate
since the bill has many flaws in it and the biggest one being that it does not
treat all adopted adults equally. What do we do now other than continue
to hope that something will keep Gov. Quinn from signing the bill?

We have got to get back up, dust ourselves off and continue our fight for
adoption reform. If for some reason this bill does not become law, chances
are Rep. Feigenholtz will sponsor a bill very much like it next year. If
Gov. Quinn does sign the bill, we will need a legislator to sponsor a good
bill to clean up the mess. Just how long that will take we don't know but
we need for everyone to get involved and do what you can to help.


This will be the first part of a series informing you as to how you can
become involved or help others to join us.

Voters Registration and Voting

November 2, 2010 is the next election in Illinois. Registration is open
year round except during the 27-day period just prior to the election &
during the 2-day period after each election (1 day after in Chicago)
Applications are available at some public & private facilities. Many if not all
Bureau of Motor Vehicle offices have applications where you can complete one
and have it submitted for you. At you can download an
application in PDF format. At this same Web site any questions regarding
eligibility to vote should be answered. If you do not live in IL, perhaps
you have family and friends here that you can encourage to register if they
are not. Another way to encourage IL residents to vote is through
Internet mailing lists, Facebook, Twitter and any where else you have become
acquainted with others.

Once the "Certificate of Voter Registration" is in your hands, you will
see where the precinct/polling place is stated on it. On my own card there
is a link to the county clerk's Web site and chances are all counties
provide a similar link. That is a good place to learn about upcoming elections,
absentee voting and even serving as an Election Judge.

If you are questioning if you can make it to a voting poll during the
designated hours, by all means absentee vote. Over the years I've heard many
say that their vote will not make a difference but just think about what
could happen if too many think that way and are for the same candidate as you.


It's been over a week since Representative Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chgo)
penned that infamous note to Lori Jeske in which Sara (or someone on her staff)
referred to us adoptees as "ungrateful bastards". (April 25,2010)

To refresh your memory, here's the post from Lori, sent to Representative
Feigenholtz's public email address.

"From Lori to Representative Feigenholtz:

The bill and your efforts to pass this bill are inhuman. This bill will
prove to a huge population of citizens that Democrats should no longer govern
the State of Illinois. It is with deep regret, as a Democrat, to see this
bill and your inability to stand up for ALL citizens in the State of

Lori Jeske, Spokane, WA"

And here is the answer Lori received from that same email address.
(emphasis is ours)

From: Sara
To: Lori Jeske
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2010 10:00 PM
Subject: Re: HB 5428
Thank you so much for your kind remarks about HB 5428.

We will pay for your travel expenses if you will come here and start
working on a new bill that completes the effort so that all adoptees get their
obc. Are you ready to move to Illinois and sacrifice your life to work for
adoption reform for the next fifteen years in the frigid winter tundra of

Would you consider giving Representative Feigenholtz the key to your
(delusional) Eutopian worldwhere all ungrateful bastards think it's easy to pass
a bill that makes everyone happy AND CAN ACTUALLY PASS? Pass a law? what a

Many Illlinois born 65+ year old adoptees will get their birth
certificates BEFORE THEY DIE -- very soon.

We will tell them that you would prefer to throw good under the bus while
waiting for perfect and that you think they should wait a little longer.
Good luck in Washington State with your efforts. We can hear the
unsealing now .....


[reprinted with permission from Lori Jeske]

What can be worse than to refer to adoptees as ungrateful bastards? Even
if Sara didn't write it herself, someone who had access to her public email
account did write it and then simply pushed "reply."

I would expect, at the very least, an answer and an apology to Lori Jeske,
the adoptee who wrote to Rep. Feigenholtz. Would it be too much to ask
that Sara also write some sort of public explanation-apology for the rest of

Lori's post to Rep.Feigenholtz was short, sweet, to the point, and
respectful. Lori received a reply that was bitter and showed complete disdain for
other adoptees. The words used in the note from Sara's office were
hurtful, stinging, and just downright mean. It seems as if she's angry with us for
criticizing her, even though her side "won." That doesn't even make sense.

What does make sense is what President Harry S. Truman said long ago. "The
buck stops here."

Representative Feigenholtz is responsible for that note, whether or not
she actually wrote it. The buck stops at her desk.

If you agree, why not drop Rep. Feigenholtz a note. You can reach her at


Anita Walker Field, Skokie, IL

Mary Lynn Fuller, Urbana, IL

We are volunteers and do not ask for nor receive donations. There is no
membership fee. Illinois Open should NOT be confused with Adoption Reform
Illinois or Green Ribbon Campaign.

Please forward as far and as wide as possible!

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