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I believe Maureen is correct and Nativity is still there. I was up there a month ago and took pictures of my and my wife's relatives homes. It really has not changed much, but then I did not grow up there to make that statement.

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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Catholic Church in Bridgeport area

The only pre 1905 Catholic church in the area which was predominately Irish
 was Nativity at 37th and Union according to a historic map of parishes
that I  have.  All churches closer to 31st and Normal catered to Polish,
German,  Bohemian residents.  Nativity parish dates from 1868.
Maureen N
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Is there  someone who would know what "Irish" Catholic parish would have
served the area  around 31st St. and Normal before St. David's, which opened
in 1905?
I'm  trying to check on several related families from around 1880 till St.
David's  started

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