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From: Joseph Walsh <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Washburn St
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 16:24:32 -0500
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Years ago I was researching a long lost relative, William H. Walsh,
in Chicago and copied a small segment of a list of Chicago Streets I
found on line. This is what I found in looking for Washington St.

Avenue - Title applied mostly to streets running North and South.
There are exceptions.
Blvd - Title given to streets where trucks over 5 tons are not
Court - Title given to short roadway.
Parkway - Title given to street that ends at a park.
Place - Title given to street running the 1/2 block between streets.
Street - Title applied mostly to streets running East and West. There
are exceptions.
The information regarding Street changes was complied by William
Martin in 1948.
-Warsaw Ave., Nelson St., 2600 to 2999W.
-Warwick Ave., Bradley Pl., 800 to 2199W
-Warwick Ave., Newburg Ave. 6400W.
Warwick Ave., 3733N 4000 to 6400W. Named after the Earl of Warwick an
English Nobleman.
Pl., 3732N 4000 to 6399W Bradley Pl.
-Warwick Pl., Warwick Ave. 4000 to 4100W.
Waseca Place, 11300S 1630 to 1725W. Named after Waseca, Minn. meaning
“red earth.” Warren
-Washburn Ave., 12th Pl. 2600 to 2800W.
-Washburn St., 72nd Pl. 1200 to 1300W.
Washburne Ave., 1224S 1024 to 2500W. Named after Elihu B. Washburne.
He was born in
Livermore, Maine 23 Sept 1816. He served in Congress 16 years. He was
President of
the CHS 1884-1887. His son Hempstead Washburne was mayor of the city
1891 to 1893.
Cook St., Coolidege St., Lunn Ct., O’Brien St., 12th Pl., 13th Pl.,
13th St.
-Washburne St., Hyacinth St. 6100N.
-Washburne St., Nashotah Ave. 6535W.
-Washington Arcade, Private way, was Commerce Ct., 125W 50 to 100N.
-Washington Ave., Blackstone Ave., 1437E 4800 to 9499S.
-Washington Ave., Carroll Ave. 500 to 2200W.
-Washington Ave., Hale Ave. 11100 to 11900S.
-Washington Ave., Harlem Ave. 1600 to 3999N.
-Washington Ave., Harper Ave. 6000 to 6100S and 7700

By the way this William H. Walsh was not mine, so if you can lay claim
to him, I will send you some information I collected about him.
Joe Walsh

On Feb 20, 2009, at 3:31 PM, Doug Brennan wrote:

> Does anyone know where 55 Washburn St, as of 1882, is currently
> located (name and approx number or nearest intersection)? I think
> Washburn underwent one or more name changes. I am trying to locate
> the nearest RC parish to that address.
> Thx,
> Doug

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