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Alice, This link gives a detailed timeline of Welk's career. The only hotel
mentioned is The Edgewater - also that he played at the Aragon (1106 W
Lawrence) and Trianon Ballrooms (Cottage Grove & E 62nd).

Snip: The next engagement was the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. The
Edgewater was one of the nation's top hotels, and Lawrence was thrilled to
be there. His fame soon made him a target for song-pluggers, and he was too
kind to turn them down. His charity resulted in a decline in his popularity.
He finally asked a critic in one audience for advice, and discovered that he
was failing to follow a rule he already knew. He wasn't playing enough of
what the audience wanted to hear. He promptly began playing more popular
tones, and invited the critic to lead the band as a token of his gratitude.
The critic went away converted, and the band regained their success playing
favorites. The Edgewater engagement was followed by the Chicago Theater

The next engagement, the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was
where Lawrence began to do his own announcements consistently. He was
fortunate to have the good personal and professional advice of Eddie
Weisfeldt, the theater manager, who helped him improve both his speaking and
his clothing. The band continued to enjoy successful runs at many hotels
around the country, and while at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas,
Lawrence became a father again. Larry Welk was born on March 11, 1940, in
the same hospital where Shirley Welk had been born years earlier.

Following the birth of his son Larry, Lawrence finally was able to settle
down for an extended period. The band played at the Trianon Ballroom and the
Aragon Ballroom in Chicago for most of the 1940's. Jayne Walton was the
Champagne Lady at that time.

Looks like he also did a 10 stint at the Trianon.

Snip: In 1940, at the height of the big-band era, Welk secured a booking for
his group at the Trianon Ballroom in Chicago; it proved such a success that
Welk moved his family to Chicago and wound up with a ten-year residency

Your Dad is probably remembering the Edgewater Hotel - maybe he's thinking
that Sheridan Rd was Michigan Ave because it was so close to the lake.

Also, here's a great link with remarks from people who visited and worked at
The Edgewater. There's a lot images on the link - hopefully, the images will



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My 85 year old dad asked me to find the name of a hotel where he use to take
my mom to dance to Lawrence Welk's Band. He said it was on Michigan Ave.
Does anyone know what hotel that would be? I searched on and
could only find the Trianon Ballroom in the forties. Was that in a hotel?
Thanks for your help! Alice

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