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From: "Bonnie Brown" <>
Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] When Did Michael Hannan REALLY die?
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 12:52:53 -0600

OK, my crazy ancestors have really driven me crazy this time.

The Death Certificate for my Michael Hannan states he died November 24, 1898

The date of burial on the DC is November 27, 1898

The signature on the death certificate is dated November 26, 1898.

Three different places on the document November or "Nov." is written out.

Michael Hannan's obituary was printed in the Chicago Daily News on DECEMBER
27, 1898,

mentioning burial the next day.

Information from a telephone conversation with Calvary cemetery says he was

buried on December 21, 1898. (might this have been when the plot was

Nothing fishy about his death (bronchitis), although he was only 46 years

He died at home, no indication his wife wasn't there.

Does anyone have any explanation for this big discrepancy? They were not

immigrants, he was sick for 3 months, signed by the MD.

Any ideas appreciated. I think they do this stuff just to make me crazy.


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