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We are only up to 1923 as far as keying goes for the Circuit Court.  Then we will go to the Superior Court, so lots more to go into the database yet. 

The first day the site was to go up, it was attacked by a hacker, so the unveiling took a couple more days to go up. 

The start date for the Circuit Court is 1907, not 1871.


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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Cook County Circuit Court Declarations of Intent Database


Cook County has released the first part of its Declaration of Intent (for  US
citizenship) database.  The dates covered  - 1871 to 1929.

There are many search criteria that can be used - surname, first name, town 
of birth, country of birth, etc.
I entered just an unusual first name and got a results list.

The information listed are birth date, country and town of birth, date of 
arrival into the US, date of filing the declaration of intent for  citizenship. 
The listing also includes volume, page, and declaration  number, as well as
city and address at time of declaration, and  occupation.

I was very luck on some family names, and batted zero on others.  The 
database is by no means complete at this stage.

The website page:    _

Maureen N
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