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From: Catherine Sherry <>
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Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 00:06:41 -0400
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This site is useful if you simply desire a record for which you already know
the exact date. I do not find it useful as a true research tool because it
lacks enough information to carry that value. For instance, suppose I know
that my ancestor, "Ann Jones", was married around 1925 to "John Smith." When
I search her name and 5 Ann Jones names appear that were married in 1925, I
have no way of telling which one was married, if any, to John Smith. I could
then look up John Smith and compare dates for those of Ann Jones married the
same year. Already this is tedious and inefficient with the possibility of
revealing nothing.

Furthermore, the cost of the documents has not changed one cent for many
years. I believe that $15.00 per record is far too high. I can get records
from England for a less than that!

In any event, I did find records I am reasonably sure are the marriage
records for my grandparents. Nevertheless, for $15 each, I would not order
them without knowing for certain.

Upside is that I am sure that improvement will occur over time as comments
and observations are taken into account. I do appreciate the effort of those
who have put together this site.

Cathy Sherry

On 7/2/08 9:28 PM, "" <> wrote:

> Thanks for the info - I thought I was doing something wrong since I also had
> marriage certificates from 1914, 1938 and nothing came up. I did get a
> birth certificate from 1920 and 1924 though so parts of it work.
> Guess we need more patience.....
> Happy Fourth of July everyone.
> Nancy
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