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Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 18:17:54 -0700 (PDT)
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I actually just ran into someone a little while ago
(today) that works at the Cook County Office. He told
me that the list is nowhere near complete and
unfortunately, the website does not specify what years
are available at this point. I mentioned that I had
entered my grandparents marriage even though I knew
the date and have a certificate already, just to try
out the site, and it didn't come up. This was from
1915. He is not real pleased with the site as a matter
of fact, and finds it very lacking. He said they are
screwing everything up (his words). Oh, and you must
put in a name or at least use soundex, there is no
such thing as a wildcard search. So if a name is
mispelled from transcription errors or just a simple
typo, it won't be real easy to find. From the horse's
mouth, so to speak....!
I did find a birth record from 1920, a death record
from 1940 and one from 1957 - all these were just test
runs, as I have the certs already.
Not too encouraging anyway, as it seems rather hit or
miss. I suppose it's better than nothing still I was
hoping it would be better.
--- wrote:

> I'll be interested in hearing others' experiences
> with the new on-line index
> ( I was looking for a
> Logan marriage between 1918
> and 1930 and came up with 11, all in 1930, which
> doesn't seem right.
> Diane
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