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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Jean SHINE McKee
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 09:29:07 EDT

<My husband's cousin is Jean SHINE McKee and we have information about her
father's family. Via another cousin met online, we have the SHINE family tree

beginning with Michael Shine 1825 - 1867, who married Anna Magner 1832 -
1906 and had children:

1) William T. (1855 - 1947) married Catherine McDade and had children:
William T. Jr. married Mary Scanlan; Joseph B. Shine married Anna Ward;
Anna; James E. (married Catherine Hayes), John F. (1897-1967) married
V. Heelan; and Margaret (1900-1969) married Thomas P. Holmes

2) Anna Maria Shine (1857 - 1943) married James Francis McManimen - This is
family of cousin who provided the family history and he has history of their

offspring: Eward, Michael, Alice, William, Charles, James McManimen,

Anna, Mary, and Neil McManimen

3) Michael G. Shine (1861-1925) married Mary McMahon (my husband's great
aunt and Jean Shine McKee's great grandgrandmother) who had children:
(Mrs. Lawrence Wilson); Joseph M. (Jean's father); Marie (Mrs. Daniel
Maurice (a Trappis monk who died in 1998) . I have information and photos
this family.

4) John P. Shine (1863-1908) married Dora Hill and had Anna (Mrs. William
Fitzgibbon). Widowed, John then married Margaret Scanlan.

5) Cornelius Shine (1866-1947)

The next generation married into the following families: Petersen, Horecny,

Stratton, Heelan, Leamy, Luce, Dunne, Markey, Schubert, McKee, Drover and

The Scanlan family intersects the Shine family at three different points:
William T. II married Mary Scanlan; Mary McMahon (Mrs. Michael G. Shine) was

the sister of Gertrude Evangaline McMahon (Mrs. Frank T. Scanlan); and
Margaraet Scanlan (second wife of John P. Shine) was the their cousin.

If anyone is connected to any of the these families, I'm happy to share what

I have re our SHINES and will forward your emails to the cousin (met online)

who shared the family info above with me, who has done all the relevant

Beth Callanan
Washington, DC>

Thank you, Beth. I had email responses in 2003 from Scott after a query I
posted about SHINE, and knew the William FitzGibbon/wife Anna Shine connection.
I did not know how Jean Shine fit in. I am only guessing that Jean is a
cousin in my FitzGibbon family because she signed my grandfather's book at the
funeral home, and my mother had told me years ago that she had cousins named
Shine. I do not have a William FitzGibbon (that I know of) in my grandfather's
family. It seems there should be a connection in all of this.
Kathleen Richmond
Oak Forest IL

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