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Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 11:59:07 EDT

This was just posted by Ruth on the Cook County list, for those who aren't

> I phoned the Cook County Office of Vital Records this morning and here is
> the latest. There is really good news and really not so good news.
> The good news is that they are testing the program as you read this and,
> if there are no bugs/glithces, the records are due go live on JUNE 2, 2008.
> As it was explained to me, it won't so much be a "searchable index." You will
> search for a single name and there will be aids to assist, i.e., using
> Soundex, a partial name or wild card. Once found, you will get to view a small
> portion of the actual document to help in determining that it is the correct
> record.
> The not-so-good news is that the price will remain $15 per record, despite
> what I was told last January when I spoke with Tim Dever, Director of Cook
> County Vital Records. In addition, there will be a flat $1.75 "processing
> fee" that will apply with each order, whether you order one record or five
> records at a time. The fee applies again with each new order. When I questioned
> why the fee structure was not being lowered, as had been indicated by
> Director Dever, this person I spoke with today said they are going acccording to
> "State Law." Sounds like hooey to me, but I didn't ask her to cite the law.

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