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From: Judith Mason <>
Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 18:10:13 -0700 (PDT)
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Mary Ellen,

Unfortunately, I know nothing about my COONEY's other than what I'd submitted to these lists. I've done some limited COONEY research here in Chicago, but have not come up with anything to connect to my Margaret Cooney-Donovan nor did I find any connection with the surnames you've listed. Sorry!


Mary Ellen Chambers <> wrote:
Although a few years back, a friend of ours, daughter, was doing a paper at Trinity in Dublin re: the surname COONEY. She found that it was NOT a Mayo name! Now, here in the greater Cleveland area it is a very strong, Mayo/Achill Island connection with that surname. Some COONEY are known as the "Dan" COONEY clan and others are just plain COONEY but all have Achill connections.
Now the man who was the patriarch of the "Dan" COONEY group (per the story I was told, don't know if it is the truth) came up to Mayo from Galway. He had more than a few marriages and many many children. His descendants are known as the "Dan" COONEY line.
My g grandmother was Margaret (Peggy) nee COONEY FRIEL. She settled in Cleveland and married my g grandfather. 3 of her brothers came over; Edward, John, Patrick. Her parents were Owen and Margaret nee MCINTYRE COONEY of Achill Island.
The timeline for this group is about 1815 with emigration of siblings about 1865 to Cleveland. Many of our branches settled in Chicago area circa 1885 - 1899. Those surnames were MCFADDEN/FADDEN/FADIEN, etc. ROONEY, GIBLIN, BERRY, all with Westport and Achill origins.
Would there be any of your COONEY who might be linked with line??

Mary Ellen Chambers
Lakewood, OH

Judith Mason wrote:
Hi John,

I don't know if there's any connection, but thought it would be wise to post my COONEY connection...................

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