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From: Mary Ellen Chambers <>
Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 16:49:15 -0700 (PDT)
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Although a few years back, a friend of ours, daughter, was doing a paper at Trinity in Dublin re: the surname COONEY. She found that it was NOT a Mayo name! Now, here in the greater Cleveland area it is a very strong, Mayo/Achill Island connection with that surname. Some COONEY are known as the "Dan" COONEY clan and others are just plain COONEY but all have Achill connections.
Now the man who was the patriarch of the "Dan" COONEY group (per the story I was told, don't know if it is the truth) came up to Mayo from Galway. He had more than a few marriages and many many children. His descendants are known as the "Dan" COONEY line.
My g grandmother was Margaret (Peggy) nee COONEY FRIEL. She settled in Cleveland and married my g grandfather. 3 of her brothers came over; Edward, John, Patrick. Her parents were Owen and Margaret nee MCINTYRE COONEY of Achill Island.
The timeline for this group is about 1815 with emigration of siblings about 1865 to Cleveland. Many of our branches settled in Chicago area circa 1885 - 1899. Those surnames were MCFADDEN/FADDEN/FADIEN, etc. ROONEY, GIBLIN, BERRY, all with Westport and Achill origins.
Would there be any of your COONEY who might be linked with line??

Mary Ellen Chambers
Lakewood, OH

Judith Mason <> wrote:
Hi John,

I don't know if there's any connection, but thought it would be wise to post my COONEY connection. In the 1860 US census for the state of Michigan, MARGARET COONEY b.Ireland is listed as a maid for JAMES b.Elmer Canada c. 1830 & CATHERINE b.Ireland c.1820 DONOVAN. Everything matched except my gr gr grandmother was supposed to have been MARGARET nee Cooney DONOVAN. I vaguely recalled a story that my gr grandmother had 1/2 brothers.

Knowing my DONOVAN (James is my gr gr grandfather) line was in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO during the civil war, I took my search to MO. In the St. Joseph Cathedral records, I found James b.1865 and Francis b.1867. Godparents are Martin Cooney, Anne Gleason, Arthur Kelly & Sallie Hickey. Parents are listed as James Donovan and..............Margaret Donovan! No mention of Catherine Donovan of the 1860 census and no death record to be found. No marriage record for James and Margaret to be found either.

The 1870 US census for IL has this DONOVAN family in Chicago, IL where they lived until they died as did 5 of their 6 known children. Margaret Donovan's death certificate states she was b. County Cork..........but, you never know!

Judie Mason
Chicago IL

"John F. Maher" wrote:
My name is John Francis Maher and I have building my family Genealogy for
the better part of twenty years.

&pid=-2020539571&pg=39 I have been able to pull together five generations so
far all within the United States. I am the results of my mother, an
Italian, and my father, an Irishman. I believe the Maher's immigrated
during the potato famine of 1850, hence most records have been very
difficult to find. One interesting fact is the male Maher's of my ancestry
married newly immigrated females from the "old county". My paternal
grandmother Delia Cooney, daughter of Bridget (Ford) and John Cooney, born
January 14, 1885. I am not sure if grandmother Delia was born in County
Clare so whatever help would be sincerely appreciated. Her immigration
records do not show a county or town of origin. I just recently found the
birthplace of my maternal grandfather and am beginning to make genealogy
contacts in Italy.

Thanks & Best Regards,

John F. Maher

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