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Hi Donna,
My actual last day is May 24. But I still have my job at Oak Lawn at least.

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> Beth, I have no ideas, but do want to say, " Sorry you have to go." When
> your last day? Donna
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> Hi all,
> As some of you may already know, I have been indexing the newspapers at
> library where I work. These are for the western suburbs of Chicago - the
> Suburban Life and The Doings. To date, I have indexed almost 6,000
obituaries and
> they are available on the library's website , though
> is a bit difficult to find them since the website was redone.
> Many, many of the people were originally from Chicago and the obits give
> quite a lot of information, including birthdates, places they worked etc.
> date I have only indexed the years 2003 - 2007 and obviously, it is an
> project and a very large project especially for one person. The Doings
> actually goes back to the late 1800s, and Suburban Life and its many
> incarnations goes back to 1913. Although the text of the obit is not
online, at
> least one would have the citation to be able to find it on the microfilm,
> is available at either Thomas Ford Memorial Library (Suburban Life) or
> Hinsdale Library (The Doings).
> Now, here is the dilemma. I have recently been told that I, along with
> other co-workers are being laid off, effective June 1. That is a whole
> story in and of itself!! Since I am the one and only person handling this
> indexing project (not to mention the local history and a bio of the
> namesake), it is a giant question mark as to what will become of this
> Word is that the Historical Society MAY be taking this over. However, no
> has said anything to me about it and I would hope that they would at
> see where I am with the indexing and any other questions such as 'how to
> it!!' So, it remains an unanswered question.
> As an employee, I am inclined to say, deal with it whatever way they want
> and leave it at that. But as a genealogist, I do not want to see this
> information just disappear and nothing be done with it, not to mention
the time and
> effort I've put into this project.
> So, two things - one, visit the database now before it disappears!!!!
> Two - any ideas anyone???
> I also have the indexes at home on my computer and saved on disk in Excel
> files. The ones that I have at home are even more comprehensive. I have
> included death notices and obituaries, birth notices, marriages,
> milestone birthdays, people in the armed forces and the In Memoriam and
Cards of
> Thanks from all these papers. Unfortunately, there are still some gaps
and I
> am working feverishly to get these indexes completed before my last day.
> Any insight is welcomed !
> Beth
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