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Hi there Kate and others,

These names where gathered from the Obituary sent to me from the archdiocese
archival unit. I am presuming that the niece - Mae (Mary) O'Brien is
Michael's brother, John's, daughter. The Rev father P.J Ryan is another
unexpected name in the list..My mum and I are presumiong that he may indeed
be another of Michael's first cousins...through an auntie. We have
discovered the rest of the others, even the Monsignor, who seems is
Michael's cousin, thanks a whole lot, due to Nan's discovery of some files
from St Patrick's Church, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Mae is the only unknown quantity in this puzzle now. When did she arrive in
USA, who was she living with and what occupation was she performing.

Mnay thanks again to the wonderful group of people on here, who are so
genrous and helpful with their time and suggestions. It has put quite a few
more dots together for us and has bought untold enjoyment and excitement,
this end of the world. My mum nearly jumped thru the phone at me, when I
read some of the file that Nan had sent me on Micheal's uncles John and
Timothy O'Brien and how they are well loved and respected, for their work in
the catholic community of Lowell, MA.

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> Michelle -- is this the obit?
> Dec 8, 1910 - O?Brien - The Rev. Michael O?Brien, late pastor of St.
> Ann?s church, Toluca, Ill. at St. Elizabeth?s hospital, Danville, Ill.
> Funeral Friday, Dec 8, from St. Agatha church, Kedzie Ave & Douglas Blvd.
> Bishop Dunne will officiate. (Buried at Mt. Carmel).
> Not one of the 4 below are jumping out at me. Are they from the 1910
> obit, or were their names pulled from Fr. O'Brien's files?
> Kate in Chicago
> niece, a Miss Mae O'Brien of Chicago,
> Rev William O'Brien of St Lawrence's, Penfield, Ill,
> Rev P.J Ryan of St Clements Church, Minneapolis, Minn.;
> The Rev Msgnr W O'Brien of Lowell, Mass.
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