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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 22:36:46 -0400
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I don't know much other than what I stated. I believe that John T. Ryan was
born in the US in about 1881, but I don't know where. I do not know his
mother's or his father's name, although family lore has it that his father
was called "Pirie" or "Perry." Supposedly this Ryan line was from New Ross,
Cty Wexford.

No on Ellis Island or Castle Garden, as those records are too late for John
T. Ryan's parents to show up on them.

US Census: Only have John T. and his wife and children in Chicago in
1910-1930. In 1910 he and his wife are living with many of her Moone
siblings. He was born too late to be on the 1880 and of course there is no
1890. Don't have him on a 1900.

I am hoping that a church record, city directory, or the like might shed
some light on who his parents are.


On 3/18/08 6:06 PM, "" <> wrote:

> Cathy,
> What kind of information are you looking for on your Ryans? Ireland origin
> info? Chicago info?
> Have you looked for information in the US Censuses? Do you know where they
> are buried? Do you have death/death cert info?
> Have you checked Ellis Island records? Castle Garden records? Do you know
> where they arrived into the US?
> If you are able to give us more specifics about what kind of information you
> are seeking and what sources you have already checked, it will be easier to
> try and help you without looking through the same sources that you may have
> already checked.
> Maureen N
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