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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 20:57:28 EDT

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She was born in Maulleen, County Limerick. Have asked on many sites but no
one can identify Maulleen. Listed her husband as John (No other relatives
noted) and buried at Mt. Olivet.


The only area in Co. Limerick where I could find John Flemings (and there
were 3 of them) in Griffiths Valuation was the Townland of Mongfune and the
civil parish of Abington. While Griffiths (1853) was surveyed before your
ggrandfather would have been an adult, usually the same given names resurface in
generations of the same family due to the Irish naming traditions. Mongfune
sounds not much like the area stated in the death cert, but with a brogue and
the many mistakes of spelling found in early death certs, it is worth a
check. I found no others in Limerick Griffiths from a place starting with an "M".

Do you belong to any Rootsweb geneology lists? It might help to post an
email to the Limerick list. Usually people from families in a county are more
aware of placenames (or common misspellings of placenames) in that county.

Good luck.

Maureen N

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