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From: sarah toblesky <>
Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Catholic Churches-Deaths/Buriels
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 19:00:19 -0500

Hi Patty:Thank you for your response. I was fairly certain they wouldn't have much on buriels from the church just by dealing with german churches relative to my husbands family.

My family: Greatgrandfather John Fleming (wife: Mary Butler Fleming), children Henry, Maggie, William, John, and George. My grandfather was William Fleming who spent his lifetime in Cook County, southside Chicago. From the Department of Health, Bureau of Statistics:Mary Fleming, born in Ireland, age 56, married, lived in Illinois for 25 years. Place of death 1111 Stone Ave, Ward 30, buried at Mt. Olivet, Undertaker was McInerney Bros at 748- 45th St., Chicago. The obit in the Chicago Tribune says she lived at 1111 W. 47th Pl., Chicago(note address on Death Certificate). She was born in Maulleen, County Limerick. Have asked on many sites but no one can identify Maulleen. Listed her husband as John (No other relatives noted) and buried at Mt. Olivet.

In 1880 I found a census for John Fleming and "Maria" Fleming. Both born in IRELAND, he was a butcher, she stayed home. He listed his age as 35 (giving him a dob as 1845 (note dob listed on death certificate). Their address was 25 Johns Place, Chicago-Cook-Illinois. Three children: Heinrich, age 8 born in Illinois, Magi age 6 born in Illinois, and William age 3, born in Illinois. My grandfather William Fleming was born in Chicago,Illinois in 1877 so the above named William could be him! I know he was born November 1877. Grandpa William Fleming had a sister, Maggie, and so the Magie on this Census could be his sister! I know Grandpa Fleming had a brother Henry --- Heinrich "English version is Henry" is listed. Why would two people born in Ireland name their child HEINRICH.....I can only guess that the census taker was German and that is why the slip up of writing down Heinrich instead of Henry. I know my greatgrandfather, John Fleming, did work as a butcher and he lived on the south-side of Chicago all of his life!! The address of 25 Johns Pl, Chicago would be in the parish of either Sacred Heart Church or Old St. Johns. I checked LDS film for both churches. Found nothing relating to my family in Old St. Johns. In Sacred Heart Church found a baptism for Mary Catherine Fleming (didn't know about her) born 5/23/1880, baptised 5/31/1880, daughter of John Fleming & Mary Butler. Another Joseph John Fleming born July 10, 1881, bapt.8/14/1881 son of John Fleming & Mary Butler. I can't find church records for Henry, Maggie, or William. But my dad said William had a brother John (Joseph John Fleming might be the same person), and a brother George. I have Henry and George's death certificates and both of them list their parents as John Fleming and Mary Butler. From the 1880 census until 1910 I don't find John Fleming anywhere. He was not listed in the 1900 census (Mary died in 1900). I did find him in 1910 living with my grandfather William (his son). He said he was 65 (gives him a dob of 1845, a widower, and retired. Born in Ireland! His birth date on his death certificate was June 23, 1849. Big place when you can't find the county. He died in 1917 just before my dad was born. Lot of facts that don't jive. No help from family they are all gone (my parents, aunts, uncles). Should have known about this 20 years ago. Oh well. This is getting too long...anyone have any ideas? I'm at a loss. Sally
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