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From: patricia meyers <>
Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] old Chicago newspapers
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 11:04:07 -0700 (PDT)

I came across an old Chicago Tribune article from 1997 which I had saved, never knowing if I would ever need it. I thought I'd key in some of the details on a word document which might help others to locate information on obits and so forth. Some films of these newspapers can be found at the Harold Washington library (like the Inter-Ocean). Some films may be found through Springfield. And some of course are nowhere!

You can check with these institutions' catalogs to see what newspapers can be found there.

At any rate I'm copying it to this email. I thought of sending it as an attachment but some listers are wary of attachments (and rightly so). My apologies for the dates not lining up.

Patti Meyers
Westmont, IL

OLD CHICAGO NEWSPAPERS as of Chicago Tribune’s article of June 8, 1997

Democrat 1833-1861
Western Citizen 1842-1854
Journal 1844-1929
Chicago Tribune 1847-present
Democratic Press 1852-1858
Times 1854-1860
Times 1861-1895
Evening Record 1861-1870
Republican 1865-1872
Evening Post 1865-1875
Evening Mail 1870-1875
Inter-Ocean 1872-1914
Post and Mail 1875-1878
Chicago Daily News 1876-1978
Morning Herald 1881-1901
Morning News 1881-1892
Evening Press and Mail 1884-1897
Globe 1887-1895
Evening Post 1890-1932
Evening Dispatch 1892-1899
Record 1893-1901
Times-Herald 1895-1901
Chronicle 1895-1908
Democrat-Dispatch 1895-1901
American 1900-1939
Record-Herald 1901-1914
Examiner 1902-1918
Day Book 1911-1917
Herald 1914-1918
Herald & Examiner 1918-1939
Illustrated Times 1929-1948
Chicago Herald-American 1939-1953
Chicago Sun 1941-1948
Chicago Sun-Times 1948-present
American 1953-1959
Chicago’s American 1959-1969
Chicago Today 1969-1974

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