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Yes, I've read the book and its great! r

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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] "Finding My Irish"

I read an interesting book over the weekend & thought you might like to
also. It's called "Finding My Irish" by Sharon Shea Bossard. The author begins
her book with the adventures she encounters through the libraries, government
buildings & backroads of Ireland to learn about her great-grandparents. The
weather many times was not cooperative. Ms. Shea Bossard is 100% Irish &
meets "new" relatives while there. Photos of her trips are also included. She
also tells the life stories of her ancestors, which include: Irish history,
the effects of the potato famine & immigration to the US ending in
Chicagoland. In the back of the book, she lists her US & Irish sources for
documentation. Your local library may have a copy or if you wish to purchase it, here
is the website:

_www.findingmyirish.com_ (


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