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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] US Naturalization protocol
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 10:43:12 EST


I saw on this information on another geneo list, and thought the info was
great. I learned a bit from it. Margaret has given me permission to post the
info she provided - to this list. I hope you find it as informative as I did.

Maureen N

I just posted some information about the naturalization process to
another list I belong to. It might have some of the information you want. The
Declaration of Intent had to be filed at least 2 years before the Petition
for Naturalization was filed. The Petition for Naturalization did not have to
be filed in the same county where the Declaration of Intent was filed. A
residency of 1 year in the state and 5 years in the U.S. were required before
citizenship was granted. The whole process took about 6-7 years depending on
when the Declaration of Intent was filed. There were variations due to
changes in the law over the years.

I learned something fascinating when I looked for my Great Aunt's naturaliza
tion papers. Most women before 1922 did not bother becoming citizens on
their own since they could not vote. Most of the women who became citizens
before 1922 did so through their father or husband or possibly their brother.
What is more amazing is that if the woman was born in the U.S. her parents,
grandparents an even if all of her ancestors came over on the Mayflower she lost
her American citizenship if she married an immigrant ! ! ! ! Once the
immigrant was naturalized she would then become a citizen again through her
husband's naturalization process.

When searching for your ancestor's naturalization papers look in the county
court where the new citizen was naturalized Every record is different,
some records do not have that much information especially the older records
while other records might have a lot of information. but it probably won't
mention the father's name, but will mention the birthplace of the applicant. When
you order the records order three documents mentioned below. You will want
to request the DECLARATION of INTENT which should include the following

Shows county and court where declaration is filed
Port of Entry
Date of Entry
Name of Ship
Marital Status
Personal Description

The older applications had the least amount of information that is why it is
important to request the all of the following documents:

NATURALIZATION PAPERS (Naturalization Certificate)

Petitions for Naturalization should contain the following:
Current residence
Date of Intention
Place of birth
Date of birth or age
Country of Emigration
Date of Emigration
Last foreign residence
Length of residence in the United States
Port of entry and date of entry
Name of ship
Marital status
Name, age, place of birth of spouse; address of spouse
Name, age, and place of birth of children
Personal description

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