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On Oct. 13, 1912, then Father Shannon an assistant pastor at St. Malchy on the west side of Chicago was named pastor of St. Francis Xavier in Wilmette. In 1916 he succeded Father Carroll at St. Thomas. In 1925 he was made a Monsignor. Because of poor health, in July 1941 he traded places with Father Charles Murphy the pastor of St. Mary in Lake Forest. He oversaw the enlarging of the church and many additions to the parish complex as the congregation grew. He was still pastor there at the time of his death on May 25, 1959 at the age of 85. He had been a priest for 61 years. From 1913 to 1935 Msgr. Shannon also served as editor of The New World. Interesting thing about St. Thomas the Apostle Church. The present beautiful church building was built while Msgr. Shannon was pastor. It was designed by Barry Byrne who had worked for Frank Llord Wright and then for Walter Burley Griffin. When Griffin and his architect wife Lucy (both of their fathers were born in Ireland)got the com!
mission to design the capital city of Canberra, Australia. Byrne took over their Chicago practice. Bynes family had settled in Canada when thet left Ireland. In those pre Vatican II days, Byrne designed a church that was as wide as it is long. It was also built without pillars. He moved the altar closer to the worshipers. Cardinal Mundelein thanked him for his efforts but never let him design another church in Chicago. He did go on to design another church - in Cork, Ireland. Bill King
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>Has there been any documentation found about the Irish background of:
>1) Rev. John Joseph Carroll, pastor of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish (from
>about 1887 to 1916) , born in Co. Sligo, Ireland)
>2) Rt.Rev. Msgr.Thomas Vincent Shannon, pastor there from 1916 to about
>A. Carroll
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