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I’m sorry for such a delayed response to the post-luncheon feedback. I hit a very hectic time after our luncheon and am now finally able to write. I’m making up for lost time, so I hope this post isn’t too lengthy!

But, first, I want to extend to you, Nan, a huge thanks for all the amazing work you did to put our wonderful day together. It was great meeting in person so many warm and friendly people from the message board, sharing stories and exchanging tips. My husband Mike also thoroughly enjoyed the day and talking with everyone, as I knew he would. I certainly agree with all the positive reviews about Mrs. Murphy’s Irish Bistro; it is a beautiful place, with great food and service. Mike’s already planning to go back.

It was also a thrill to meet John Corrigan and hear him talk about his extensive and fascinating research on Irish Chicago history. He was quite gracious to hang around after the luncheon and answer individual questions. I, myself, approached him regarding his research on priests, and asked him what resources he found helpful. He referred me to the Diocese Archives in the Quigley Building at Chestnut and Rush, Ellen Skerret’s work, and the newspaper South Side Sun. He further gave me a contact name for research at Maryville Academy, a place of specific interest for me.

I was interested in John’s research on the clergy because my great uncle was a priest, and I just recently began researching his career. I knew Rev. Doran was the first superintendent of St. Mary’s Training School (now Maryville Academy), but I never really knew anything about him or the school until I began reading newspaper articles and a book titled An Orphanage Revisited, by Ray Battersby, et al.

The more I learned about my great uncle, the more I became interested in other clergy associated with him. When I discovered Archbishop Quigley appointed Father Doran superintendent, I began reading about Quigley, including the Chicago Tribune articles about the progression of his stroke just before his death. To loosely paraphrase John Corrigan at our luncheon, sometimes you can learn a great deal about someone by reading about their last days before death. I had done this with Archbishop Quigley, and as an unexpected bonus, found my great uncle Doran mentioned twice in the Chicago Tribune article on Quigley’s funeral.

I was also quite interested in John’s research regarding Father Maurice Dorney. He was pastor of St. Gabriel’s Church when my g-grandmother Doran, a parishioner, died, and he preached the sermon at her funeral. So I will be reading more about Rev. Dorney.

John had kindly provided us with copies of Scéal, including one edition with a story about Archbishop Feehan, who developed St. Mary’s Training School in Des Plaines. This was more great information for me to add to my growing collection.

I had an opportunity to talk to Brian Donovan, from IAHC, after the luncheon, and he was quite helpful, informing me of St. Mary’s of the Lake as a possible resource for clergy research. He also mentioned the Irish general collection at DePaul University at Lincoln Park, The Irish Fellowship Club, and Griffith’s maps at Newberry Library.

Nan, you mentioned the nurses attending the luncheon. It was a coincidence to learn, as we were conversing, that 4 or 5 of us happened to be sitting together at one end of the table. As genealogists and historians, we all are probably interested in the illnesses and deaths, often untimely, of our ancestors and extended families. One book I’ve used as a reference is Medicine in Chicago, 1850-1950, by Thomas Neville Bonner. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has found other good medical resources.

Thanks again, Nan. It was great to meet everyone!

Oh, and thanks for the link to Leo High School website. My dad went there, and the rest of my family has been having a great time looking at the yearbook.


P.S. For anyone interested, Maryville Academy in Des Plaines is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. On their schedule so far:

April 12, 2008: Guardian Medallion Award Gala honoring George Rourke
July 26, 2008: Come Home to Maryville – Mass celebrated by Francis Cardinal George
October 22, 2008: Celebrating Catholic Chicago at the Chicago History Museum

You can check their website at for more information and further updates. > Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 22:56:03 -0600> Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Q & A More feedback on John Corrigan.> > I know many of you engaged directly with John and some had specific> questions for him. Could you share this onlist, for all of us, but > especially> for those who were unable to attend?> > Annette, did you get the information you were interested in on priests?> > Also, I had to leave the table twice. So I missed some things, too.> Did anyone ask John about his website, his database-----the how and when> of it's availability?> > Thanks for sharing your information with all of us.> > Nan>
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