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I have a copy of an inscription in a book (National and Historical Ballads, Songs, and Poems)

written to Michael Farrell from "your loving and affectionate brother Matt? Dublin 23 Janauary 1890."? Michael had actually died earlier that month, when he went to Wisconsin to bury his daughter.? That is the only way I knew there was a brother.?
Michael would have been about 60 in 1911, so his brother could be in the census.? I will check the Dublin census.? Thanks.


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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Elphin Census and Dublin 1911 online


I access the Elphin Census through Origins, a paid subscription site.
But google it as there is much online about it and parts of it have been
transcribed etc in various online genealogy sites, both rootsweb and

On a separate matter, I noted your comment that Michael Farrell had a
brother, Matt, in Dublin in 1890
The 1911 Dublin census is online and it is free. There are several
Matt Farrells there.
If he was still there in 1911, this could be a great leaping point
backwards to your Farrells
Queens Co Origins. Do you know what became of Matt Farrell?


On Jan 27, 2008, at 9:57 PM, wrote:

> Thanks, Nan, for all your work.?
> You've given me a lot of places to begin w/ the Lavins.? How did
> you access the Elphin Diocese Census??

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