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From: dan hogan <>
Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] 23d IL Infantry
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 17:49:16 -0800 (PST)

Thanks Nan and Sharon and others for their help. I
have been gone all day and have just returned.
I received the articles you sent, Nan. Now I need to
find out if this Frank Curran is my ancestor.
So far everything fits the family story that my
ancestor was KIA in the CW. I know where the rest of
the family is buried, but he's not with any of them.
There is only one thing that does not fit, his name is
Hugh, not Frank. Unless he is Francis Hugh, or Hugh
Francis, but I have no documentation other than a
marriage cert. stating he is Hugh Curran.
He wed one Margaret Gilbert in Kankakee in 1856. By
1860 their first child born Hugh in Chicago, two other
sons Frank and George.
Hugh "Chick" Curran wed Margaret McCarthy and they had
12 children. Hugh was US Marshall, Dog Catcher, in
charge of street clean-up, and 10th ward leader under
Carter Harrison admin. As with most Irish politicos of
the time, he was also in and out of indictment for
various scandals involving Harrsion.
Have numerous Tribune articles about him as political
enforcer, deligate to Tammany Hall, etc.
I also have a letter that was in possession of one of
his daughter's lines, addressed to Joseph Mahan,
attorney and husband of one of Chick's daughters.
It is entitled from the War Department, office of the
adjutant general's office, Feb. 15, 1928 stating that
Frank Curran, Co B, 23d Infantry, enrolled June 15,
1861 at Chicago, and was KIA Sept.18, 1861 at
Lexington, MO.
This again fits into the family story and why else
would the family have this info if this Frank was not
a relative.

Dan Hogan

Dan Hogan

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