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Hi, Nan,

Here is my surnames list and briefly what I know about them.  I have quite a bit of information from both Wisconsin and Canada, but not back to Ireland.


James McQuillan, my paternal gf, b~ 1869  came to the US from Ontario around 1895 and was married in July 1900 to Ellen Condon, b~1872 in Chicago.  He was the son of John McQuillan and Ann Daly, grandson of James McQuillan from Co. Monaghan and Mary Green from County Longford.


The original James, born 1794 or 97 was one of the first year settlers in Guelph, Ontario.  He and Mary Green were the first couple married in Guelph (1828) by a priest (according to family history).  


Ellen Condon’s parents, Patrick Condon b ~ 1836 and Margaret O’Brien b ~ 1836 were from Ireland.  Possibly Tipperary for Patrick, unknown for Margaret.  They both arrived in 1846 to 1850, depending on the source.  Both are located working at the Tremont House in the 1860 census.  They were married about 1866, in Chicago.  They lived, from 1880 census on, at 1831 Canalport.  Ellen Condon and James McQuillan live in this home until they move to 5311 Washington Blvd in the 1930's?  They belonged first to Holy Family Parish, then to Sacred Heart when it was built .  The boys attended St. Ignatius, the girls St. Mary's.  After moving to the West side, they belonged to St. Thomas Aquinas parish.



My maternal grandparents were Edward Farrell and Hulda Swanson.  Hulda was born in Chicago to Swedish-born parents, Swanson and Nelson were the surnames.  They lived on 1445 Irving Street, which became 1445 Bell on the north side.


My maternal side Irish great-grandparents are Michael Farrell, from Queens County, Ireland and Maria (pronounced Mariah) Lavin.

I know that Michael Farrell had a brother Matt living in Dublin in 1890.


Maria Lavin is the daughter of John Lavin b. ~1824 and Ann McDonagh (McDonough) b. ~ 1835.  Both were from Co. Sligo.  John (25) is listed in the 1850 census in Rutland, Vermont along w/ 3 other males Thomas 28, Peter 20 and Ambrose 14, and with Mary age 60  (?mother).  I cannot find anyone who I believe is this Peter and Ambrose after this census.


Thomas and John moved to Oregon, Dane County,Wisconsin and farmed there.  There is also a Michael Welch, married to Bridget Lavin, who probably is a relative (sister?) in Oregon.    Their daughter, Lavinia Welch, was a witness at Maria and Michael’s wedding in Chicago in 1880. 


I have no information on Ann McDonagh prior to the 1860 census, other than she also came from Sligo.


Maria b. 1855 in Vermont, came to Chicago from Wisconsin and is found as a domestic servant in the 1880 census in Englewood.  She and Michael were married in 1880 at St. Ann’s Church, in Englewood (again family folklore has it that they were the first couple married at St. Ann's 9-12-1880).  Michael died in 1890 during a trip back to Oregon, Wi to bury their first daugther, who had died at 9 yrs.  Maria is living on the North side on Mozart St. (an address that became 1939) and is in St. Sylvester's parish in the 1900 census.  Edward, his wife and daughter (my mother) live nearby and eventually move into the house after Hulda dies in 1923.  My mother attended St. Sylvester's School and also the Josephinum (1515 N. Oakley), which also had a boarding school (she attended from 7th grade through high school).  My grandfather, his sister and my mother moved to Oak Park in 1939 and were in St. Catherine of Siena parish.


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Hello again Ellen,
> I have not traced any of my ancestors back to parishes in Ireland;
I only know the Counties. So I have neither the experience nor the
expertise that so many of our fellow listers do. Still, I found
that our experiences were quite varied and that all were welcomed.
To my fellow listers who may be hesitant to join an outing like
this, come. You will enjoy it and will learn something new!
I took a peek at the in-progress Irish in Chicago Surnames/Parishes
ist/database that I have been developing for our group and I found
hat I have a blank record for you! Please fill in the blanks!
You might have missed the discussion and thread, it was a while back.
r did I miss your email? If I did I am very sorry.
Please give us (onlist) some family history, your family surnames and
hat you know about them: parishes, dates in Chicago, other factoids
ou know about them etc. Also, where you know the county, tell us
hat, too. This list is very helpful and resourceful, I'm sure we
an give you some help here.

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