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Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 20:19:30 -0800 (PST)
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The more I hear about the Sunday gathering the more I regret not being able to have attended.
Reading your comment about the book "Muldoon: a true ghost story" - I definitely recommend it ! I read it some time ago and really enjoyed the story. I'll have to try and locate a copy of that interview with the priest as it sounds like it could add to the story in the book.
I was rather disappointed in the coverage of the 150th anniversary of Holy Family also. Except for that one story in the Tribune, I don't recall seeing much else and I specifically was looking for something in any of the papers.
I believe I have some copies of Sceal somewhere around here. Will have to go digging and see if I can uncover them. I have absolutely no recollection where I obtained them however.
I too look forward to future gatherings and the list emails, which are always fun and interesting.

Beth Walsh
your former neighbor in St. Bede's

Say hello to Peggy!


I too had a good time. The food was very good & I will be
This book came to mind while John was talking, but I couldn't remember the title at the time. It's called, "Muldoon: a true ghost story" by Rocco A. Facchini. A local newspaper interviewed the author, a former priest if my memory serves. Mr. Facchini said that the ghost of Muldoon would not rest until the book was written "vindicating" him. Haven't had a chance to read it, but
it sounds fun.

I'm also interested in how the 150th Anniversary Celebration went at Holy Family Church. Unless I missed something, all the Catholic New Word had was a captioned photo.

I look forward to future e-mails & meetings. Donna Garvey-Shula

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was with this last group that he was editor of their newsletter,
SCEAL. I’ve read a few copies of this publication and they are a treasure. And of course the focus is on interesting Irish characters!

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