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Thanks so much Beth.


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Hi Joyce,

I'm not there until the weekend, but in the meantime you can either call
the Library at (708) 246-0520 and ask for the Reference Desk or you can
email them at:

Either way, you can have them scan and email the copy of the obit to you
or mail by regular mail.

If it is in The Doings, I believe we still have the hard copy there for
2005, otherwise you would have to contact Hinsdale Library for a copy as we
do not have the Doings on microfilm, only the Suburban Life. This is all
explained on the obit website.


Joyce Hennessy <> wrote:
Hi Beth,

I went to the web site you posted and I may have found a listing for a
former brother-in-law. How do you contact the library for the complete
article - I am not positive this is he - the name is Michael Machel and the
obit was in the paper Dec 17-18, 2005, page 17. Thanks so much for all you

Joyce Hennessy

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