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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Cook County Divorces
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 09:12:26 -0600
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To get Cook County Divorce Files (about pre-1976 or '80).

Cook County Court Archives, room 1118 in the Daley Center.
The people are wonderfully helpful there.

There are microfilm rolls/microfiche indices for both plaintiff and
For the early years, there are multiple years on one roll. Later years
are one year per film/fiche, but all are alphabetical so it's fairly easy
to check.

When you find your couple, note the file number/date filed. Fill out an
order form from the front desk.

It usually takes 2-3-4 days for the files to return from off-site storage.
can call with your order number to check if it's in.

You will see the whole case file, not just the decree. Testimonies of
witnesses, perhaps
addresses where summons' were delivered...employers of the parties...and
sometimes more
than you want to know about the "cause" of the divorce--in the days before
no-fault! Be prepared
if it's a beloved relative.

Copies can be made. They used to be $.50 each, but there's some goofy
pricing scheme now...
it's posted on the wall in the archives, right above the self-serve copy

OK, so now a plug for me...I do these lookups on the me at
for pricing.
(sorry for the commercial plug...hope it helps).


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