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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 06:18:02 -0800 (PST)
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I recently did this to get info on my grandfather's divorce. Below is site I used to request search and subsequent info from Circuit Court Cook County:

It is pretty expensive: $9.00 per search per year, and then billing per copy and mailing if they find the information. They also appear to have a minimum charge of $15.00 for mailing. I got smart the second time around and combined searches on 3 cases so I only had to pay 1 mailing fee. I've done searches for both divorces and criminal cases. The divorce file I received had the actual transcript of the hearing and gave a lot of information so it was worth the expense.

The following link shows the type of information that is available:

I narrowed down the years on the criminal cases by doing some research on IRAD for a family member I saw on the census as being a inmate in Pontiac. IRAD was very helpful in providing the prison summary records in order to help determine the sentencing year.


Beth Walsh <> wrote:
Have you tried obtaining the divorce decree and the supplementary paperwork from the case? I got one from 1878 and it was amazing what all was included. This was quite a few years ago though, so I'm not sure what the procedure would be today. I actually looked thru the giant sized ledgers that were just inside the door in the Circuit Court office to get the case number - but I think there is a totally different procedure now - that was in 1983!
Also, do you have your father's birth certificate (if there was one filed)?


Colleen Flood wrote:
Vivian Flood doesn't ring a bell for me. I'm originally from the south side 31st and Canal When my parents divorced I was 9 years old and my Mother took all six of us kids to live on the North side where I've remained for my 63 years.

My Grand Father that I've been trying to look for information on is
Thomas Michael Flood
Once married to our Grand Mother Della ( Delia) T. Fox she is from Carnmore in Galway Ireland

He is also from Ireland but we don't know where.
His last known address was 361 W. Superior. That was before they divorced in 1915 His line of work was excavating
There is an excavator on North Kedzie with the name of Flood but when I requested any information from him he just said he wasn't related to us.

So that's as much as I know after he and my Grand Mother divorced I know he lived in Chicago but I don't know where

My Father is Thomas Joseph Flood Birth May 1903 died 1980


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