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From: Catherine Sherry <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Sorry for the confusion
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 22:42:47 -0500
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Checking with my sister now about our attendance. Since we initially
replied, out mother broke her hip and was hospitalized out of town. She is
just coming home to IL this week, so not sure if we will be able to attend.
Will let you know ASAP. Thanks for remembering us!

Cathy Sherry

On 1/11/08 2:42 AM, "Nan Brennan" <> wrote:

> HI everybody----looking forward to seeing those of you who will be
> attending our Jan 20 lunch.
> Maureen has pointed out to me that she thought there was may be some
> confusion
> among our listers about who was ³co-coordinating² the Jan 20 luncheon.
> I am! With your enthusiastic input and responses! Thank you!
> Maureen ³took the hat² for our first two meetings,
> making the reservations at Bennigans and the Art Institute and
> encouraging a conversation about topics for discussions.. IAHC was
> high on my list of venues from the time of our first meeting. Jack
> Clerkin and I and Maureen assisted Brian Donovan in co-coordinating
> his great tour and talk at IAHÇ. And Elaine did that great write up
> afterwards. The hat passed to me for this one and I¹m hoping passes
> to Kathy and/or Beth for a proposed OLL meeting in the spring. Beth
> may also co-ordinate a Mount Olivet cemetery walk that has been
> suggested by John Corrigan. More on both these events soonŠ.now back
> to this one:
> After the joy of ³finding² John Corrigan, I invited John and he was
> very receptive to meeting us and talking to us about his research.
> I also invited Brian Donovan from the Irish American Heritage Center
> to join us and I¹m so happy they both will be there. Little did I
> know when I contacted Brian, that he was old friends with John from
> the Chicago Irish heritage community. After we whittled down our
> list of restaurants to Murphy¹s I have made arrangements with the
> manager and continue to work out details with her. I¹ll be posting
> final details again before the 20th.
> That will include parking, handling the bill, and some other details.
> If you see that I have overlooked something, please tell me so.
> If possible, please do it onlist, someone else may have your same
> question or concern.
> Thanks to all who have sent in your RSVPs to the list.
> It¹s not too lateŠŠ if you¹re still thinking of joining us.
> But soon please. You can respond onlist.
> I think we are all going to have a really good time.
> Best to allŠŠŠNan
> Many thanks to Annette Oehler who got us all going looking for ³that
> Corrigan man²!
> And behind the scenes, thanks to Tom Cooke and Kathy O¹Leary for
> alerting John to the fact that he was the subject of a hunt! I only
> wish Tom and Kathy (who some of you met at our IAHC event) would be
> joining us. Kathy O¹Leary of the OLL is an ³old timer² in the Chicago
> Irish heritage community, and colleague and friend for ions of both
> John and Brian.
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