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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Sorry for the confusion
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 11:06:10 EST

Tom, do you know if the Dooley brothers are related to a John Cornelius
Dooley, who married Mary Ann Garvy? She is my grand-aunt & also from that area &
St. Thomas Aquinas? Donna

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Would have loved to attend the lunch on the 20th, but as I live out here in
the Wild West (Oregon) I can only hope that one of these days I'll get back
there and join you all for one of your meetings. It reminds me of the good
old days thirty years ago when the Chicago Irish Ancestry group had their
Saturday meetings at the Newberry. Hopefully I can get back to Chicago in March
for the Southside St. Patrick's Day parade which I did manage to see last

On a side note, I was happy to read some of the postings regarding the 150
anniversary of Holy Family Parish which was the home parish of my grandfather
Mackey, his parents and grandparents who were listed among the founders of
that westside insitution. The Mackeys were an interesting and prolific bunch
with deep ties to Chicago history. One of them was Asst. States Attorney in
Cook County, and involved in the prosecution of the Leopold and Loeb murder
trial in the 1920s. One of my third cousins in that family is the current
wife of Marshall Field, another is married to Sam Skinner (former Chief of
Staff for George H.W. Bush and former U.S. Dist. Atty for Illinois). I'm also
third cousin to The Dooley Brothers, well-known Irish-American folk band that
has been playing in the Chicago area since the early 1970s and who
occasionally do a gig at the IAHC. All of them related to each other as well.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful time on the 20th. Darn! Sorry I'm going
to miss it!

--Tom Cook

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> HI everybody----looking forward to seeing those of you who will be
> attending our Jan 20 lunch.
> Maureen has pointed out to me that she thought there was may be some
> confusion
> among our listers about who was “co-coordinating” the Jan 20 luncheon.
> I am! With your enthusiastic input and responses! Thank you!
> Maureen “took the hat” for our first two meetings,
> making the reservations at Bennigans and the Art Institute and
> encouraging a conversation about topics for discussions.. IAHC was
> high on my list of venues from the time of our first meeting. Jack
> Clerkin and I and Maureen assisted Brian Donovan in co-coordinating
> his great tour and talk at IAHÇ. And Elaine did that great write up
> afterwards. The hat passed to me for this one and I’m hoping passes
> to Kathy and/or Beth for a proposed OLL meeting in the spring. Beth
> may also co-ordinate a Mount Olivet cemetery walk that has been
> suggested by John Corrigan. More on both these events soon….now back
> to this one:
> After the joy of “finding” John Corrigan, I invited John and he was
> very receptive to meeting us and talking to us about his research.
> I also invited Brian Donovan from the Irish American Heritage Center
> to join us and I’m so happy they both will be there. Little did I
> know when I contacted Brian, that he was old friends with John from
> the Chicago Irish heritage community. After we whittled down our
> list of restaurants to Murphy’s I have made arrangements with the
> manager and continue to work out details with her. I’ll be posting
> final details again before the 20th.
> That will include parking, handling the bill, and some other details.
> If you see that I have overlooked something, please tell me so.
> If possible, please do it onlist, someone else may have your same
> question or concern.
> Thanks to all who have sent in your RSVPs to the list.
> It’s not too late…… if you’re still thinking of joining us.
> But soon please. You can respond onlist.
> I think we are all going to have a really good time.
> Best to all………Nan
> Many thanks to Annette Oehler who got us all going looking for “that
> Corrigan man”!
> And behind the scenes, thanks to Tom Cooke and Kathy O’Leary for
> alerting John to the fact that he was the subject of a hunt! I only
> wish Tom and Kathy (who some of you met at our IAHC event) would be
> joining us. Kathy O’Leary of the OLL is an “old timer” in the Chicago
> Irish heritage community, and colleague and friend for ions of both
> John and Brian.
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