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From: Nan Brennan <>
Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] RSVPS for Jan 20 John Corrogan talk
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 20:22:36 -0600

Hi Chicago Irish!.

My notes indicate that we have a potential group of 16 so far that
may attend our Jan 20 Luncheon at Murphys!
This is great!

I count 10 confirmed from your online posts this past week.
But 6 of you indicated earlier in December that
you might attend, hoped to attend, or were considering attending.

If you haven't confirmed (or reconfirmed) in the past few days
in reply to Maureen's RSVP email, kindly do so on list as soon as you
It would be a little easier for me if you could reply directly to
this email.

If we go over 16, the manager may have to move us to another room.
I will probably be talking to her again tomorrow or Saturday.

This is my confirmed list. I hope it is correct. Correct me please
if I am wrong!

John Corrigan
Brian Donovan
Nan Brennan
Judie Mason
Kay Brennan Mammoser
Maureen Neidle
Kathleen Richmond
JeanMarie Walsh
Mary Kay Kuhfittig
Ruth Rooney

Patti, Elaine, Diane, Annette, Cathy Sherry (and sister)---I have
question marks after your names.
If I missed your RSVP, I apologize.
I sure hope you are all coming! But please let me know.

Jack...where are you??? Are you joining us?

Best to each and all.


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