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I am forwarding the below information to you from an email on the Irish
American Rootsweb list. The info in it is from Tom Cook's Irish Families in
Chicago 1875 to 1925.

Maureen N

In a message dated 1/2/2008 4:47:17 PM Central Standard Time,

Listers -- Check out this website
with Chicago Irish data (immigrants from Newport, Mayo) but with extensive
bibliography for anyone researching Irish in Chicago. ****For the
researcher interested in a Chicago address she thought was "120 Huron" -
some of these individuals from Mayo listed on that website were said to have
lived at the address 120 East Huron in Chicago; upon death "funeral from
Holy Name Cathedral to Calvary." Interestingly, the American Library
Association, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2795 is a close address
and a librarian there might recommend her favorite book about the history of
Chicago as it pertains to the Irish. You might contact them, see if they
recommend a particular book.

Excerpt from the website address given above:

Perhaps as important a destination as Boston or New York for Irish
immigrants, Chicago was the destination for many immigrants from the Emerald
Isle in the 19th and 20th Century. This database is a collection of records
regarding many of the Irish families who made their home in this city
between 1875 and 1925. Newly updated to add over 5,000 entries, information
provided includes births, marriages, and deaths, often including names of
relatives. Taken from a wide variety of sources, including local histories,
parish records, local newspapers, and cemetery inscriptions, this can be an
extremely helpful database for those researching Irish-American ancestors.

The number in brackets following each entry indicates the source from which
the record was taken. The sources are as follows: (1) Chicago Daily News,
1878-1902, Funeral Notices; (2) Chicago Citizen, 1883-1909, Obituaries and
Marriage Notices; (3) Calvary Cemetery, Tombstone Inscriptions; (4) Mt.
Olivet Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions; (5) St. James Sag Bridge Cemetery
Tombstone Inscriptions; (6) St. Gabriel Parish Records (baptisms, 1908-1909,

marriages, 1908-1915); (7) Visitation Parish Records (marriages 1908-1915);
(8) Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Records (marriages 1908-1909); (9) Holy Name
Parish Records (marriages 1908-1913); (10) New York City Passenger Lists,
28-29 May 1909; (11) St. James Parish Records (marriages 1908-1915); (12)
Death Records of Chicago, 1904; (13) New York City Passenger Lists 3 March
1903; (14) Cook County Births, 1881; (15) Cook County Deaths, 1888; (16) St.
Elizabeth Parish Records (marriages 1908-1914); (17) St. Agnes Parish
Records (marriages 1909-1915); (18) Inter-Ocean Funeral Notices; (19)
Chicago Record Herald Funeral Notices; (20) New World, 1893; (21) The
Political History of Chicago by M. L. Ahern, Chicago, 1886; (22) History of
Chicago (3 vols.) by Alfred T. Andreas, Chicago, 1884; (23) History of Cook
County, Illinois by Alfred T. Andreas, Chicago, 1884; (24) History of the
Great Lakes (2 vols.) by J. H. Beers, 1899; (25) Politics and Politicians of
Chicago, Cook County and Illinois by Fremont O. Bennett, Chicago, 1886; (26)
History of the Chicago Police by John Joseph Flinn, New York, 1887; (27)
Holy Family Parish: Priests and People by Thomas Mulkerins, Chicago, 1923;
(28) Men Who Have Made the Fifth Ward by H. L. Schroeder and C. W. Forbrich,
Chicago, 1895; (29) Researches of the Author, 1974-1992; (30) Nativity
Church Baptismal Records, 1871; (31) Bishops of the United States of Irish
Birth or Descent by James Dominick Hackett, New York, 1936.

Source Information:
Cook, Tom. Chicago Irish Families. [database online] Provo, UT:, 1998, 2000.

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