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Must be a typo for Cardinal Stritch....I was also in grammar school in the 50's and he was still Cardinal then.


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This old history info is not correct as to Cardinal Stritch? He was the
archbishop of Chicago though my grade school years in the 1950's!
Kathleen Richmond
Oak Forest

"Diocese created in 1843 with William Quarter as its first bishop.
Quarter was succeeded in 1848 by James Oliver Van de Velde; in 1854
by Anthony O'Regan; in 1859 by James Duggan and Thomas P. Foley, who
served as coadjutor to the mentally incapacitated Duggan from
1870-79. Chicago was then raised to an archiepiscopal see and Patrick
A. Feehan was consecrated archbishop in 1880.

Feehan's successors in the 20th century were James Edward Quigley
(1903-1915), George William Mundelein (1916-1939), Samuel Alphonsus
Stritch (1940-1946), Albert Gregory Meyer (1946-1965), John P. Cody
(1966-1982) and Joseph Bernardin (1982- )."

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