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Nice to hear from you, Jim.

Your story of your ancestor Bishop O'regan is fascinating!

I'm hoping maybe John Corrigan might have more on this.
There's got to be more on him.

There is a book titled the Catholic Church in Chicago, 1673-1871, by
Gilbert Joseph Garraghan,
first pubished in 1921. There are numerous references to Bishop
O'Regan. You can do some limited
browsing online at and I think for a fee you can
purchase the book for download.

There must be items in newspapers of the day.
Also, as you probably know, he came to
Chicago from the Theological Seminary (President) at Carondelet in ST
Louis----did you find anything there?
There is a painting of him in the Bishops Gallery at Notre Dame.
Now that book says he transferred to Paris in '58 and died in London
in '66, so if he was involved
in Lincoln's demise it looks like it was an international conspiracy.

I took a look at the Notre Dame Archives, and they have some letters
and manuscripts of Bishop O'Regan.
Do you know anything about the ND materials?


Here is a description:
> The O'Regan exegesis was a gift of James J. McGovern.

> manuscripts by Bishop O'Regan, including a sermon on Immaculate
> Conception and a Biblical exegesis; and photostats of letters from
> Chicago received by Edward Sorin, CSC.

Archdiocese of Chicago (Ill.) Collection

ACH Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Chicago (Ill.) Collection
1845-1974 (bulk 1849-1901)
Origination : Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Chicago (Ill.)
Extent : 1 linear foot
Repository : University of Notre Dame Archives Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Collection was begun by James Edwards in the 1890s. Photostats of the
letters to Edward Sorin are from the Provincial Archives. The O'Regan
exegesis was a gift of James J. McGovern.
Preferred Citation

Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Chicago (Ill.) Collection (ACH),
University of Notre Dame Archives (UNDA), Notre Dame, IN 46556

Scope and Content

Occasional letters from Bishops Quarter, Van de Velde, O'Regan,
Duggan, Foley, Feehan, and Quigley, and from Auxiliary Bishop
Alexander J. McGavick and Bishop John McMullen, vicar general
(1877-1879) and administrator (1879-1880) of the diocese; manuscripts
by Bishop O'Regan, including a sermon on Immaculate Conception and a
Biblical exegesis; and photostats of letters from Chicago received by
Edward Sorin, CSC.

Also pamphlets, parish histories, clippings, and material on the
Catholic contribution to the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893.


Diocese created in 1843 with William Quarter as its first bishop.
Quarter was succeeded in 1848 by James Oliver Van de Velde; in 1854
by Anthony O'Regan; in 1859 by James Duggan and Thomas P. Foley, who
served as coadjutor to the mentally incapacitated Duggan from
1870-79. Chicago was then raised to an archiepiscopal see and Patrick
A. Feehan was consecrated archbishop in 1880.

Feehan's successors in the 20th century were James Edward Quigley
(1903-1915), George William Mundelein (1916-1939), Samuel Alphonsus
Stritch (1940-1946), Albert Gregory Meyer (1946-1965), John P. Cody
(1966-1982) and Joseph Bernardin (1982- ).

Index :

Sorin, Edward
Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Chicago (Ill.)
World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)
Quarter, William, 1806-1848
Van de Velde, James Oliver, 1795-1855
O'Regan, Anthony, 1809-1866
Duggan, James, 1825-1899
Foley, Thomas P. (Thomas Patrick), 1822-1879
Feehan, Patrick Augustine, 1829-1902
Quigley, James Edward, 1855-1915
McGavick, Alexander J., (Alexander Joseph), 1863-1948
McMullen, John, 1832-1883
Catholic Church -- Bishops -- Correspondence

On Dec 20, 2007, at 9:49 AM, Jim Mullany wrote:

> Yes, Nan thanks so much for pointing us toward this site! It bears
> watching as it develops, to be sure.
> The Chicago Irish chronology mentions in 1854 the purchase by
> Bishop Anthony O'Regan of land in Evanston for the Calvary
> Cemetery. Biographies of Bishop O'Regan differ as to whether he was
> from Ballyhaunis or Levalleyroe, Co. Mayo and I've never seen any
> Co. Mayo confirmation of this.
> The controversial Bishop O'Regan was the uncle of my gg-
> grandfather, Thomas O'Regan. Thomas married Adelia Cornwall (from
> Co. Roscommon) and homesteaded way on the Iowa prairie about the
> time of Bishop O'Regan's reluctant installation in Chicago by the
> pope.
> Does anyone know of an objective source for the history of Bishop
> O'Regan's raucous but short stay as 3rd Bishop of Chicago? I have
> contacted the diocese but they have very little written on him.
> They did supply a nice photo of the official portrait of Bishop
> O'Regan (he looks a lot like my father!).
> I have heard, secondhand, about Bishop O'Regan's legal battle
> against Father Charles Chiniquy involving a young Illinois lawyer
> named Abraham Lincoln. I have never seen a significant rebuttal to
> Chiniquy's voluminous personal and weirdly conspiratorial book
> connecting O'Regan with the assassination of President Lincoln, but
> I very much would like to. It sounds like a fascinating time in
> Chicago history.
> Anyway, Happy Holidays to everyone on the list and thanks for
> keeping the discussion so lively and interesting!
> Jim Mullany
> Sandia Park, New Mexico
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