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From: Nan Brennan <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] John E. Corrigan
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 12:49:59 -0600
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Hello Tom.

Thanks so much for this information! It's always a pleasure to
see your name pop up on this list.

I gather you haven't had any contact with John Corrigan in awhile?
I'm sure Annette and I and others will continue to try and track John

I wasn't aware of the Chicago Irish Folklife Society or its
newsletter, Sceal.
Do you think any of those newsletters have wound up in any Chicago
Was there a Don(Donal) O'Sullivan M.D. from Oak Park involved with
that group?

I did find this in the Library of Congress, but I don't know how
current it is.
Chicago Irish Folklife Society
9916 South Talman Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642

Thank you for all of your work and contributions to Chicago's Irish
American history, too.
I am sure that many on this list would love to hear more from you
about your involvement
in Chicago Irish affairs before you left for Oregon.

Thanks again, and I hope you avoided the mudslides in Oregon.

All the best.

Nan Brennan

P.S. Do you have a brother who is a priest here in Chicago?

On Dec 5, 2007, at 12:13 PM, wrote:

> Not too long ago I remember stumbling upon a website that John had
> created primarily for genealogists (I presume) who were seeking
> information on their Chicago Irish ancestors. I googled his named
> today and unfortunately was unable to find it again. It may still
> be out there. I seem to remember that it was a "pay-for-
> information" site, but it might be well worth looking for again.
> I remember meeting John Corrigan back in the 1970s at
> organizational meetings of the Chicago Irish Folklife Society which
> published a newsletter Sceal from 1979-1983 (I still have copies of
> it in my files). They were then doing great work in studying, and
> publicizing Chicago's rich Irish-American history. John also
> taught a course on Chicago Irish history at St. Xavier's College
> for a time. His special interest if I remember correctly, was the
> Fenian and Clan-na-Gael movements in the city during the 19th
> century of which he was an expert!
> Tom Cook
> Portland, OR
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> From: Nan Brennan <>
>> John Corrigan's phone number and address were published in White
>> Pages thru 2002
>> 1669 West 104th St. Same address as given in the genealogy resources.
>> The same phone number that was publshed in 2002 is still an active
>> number but is
>> listed as unpublished.
>> He may still be at that address.
>> Nan
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