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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 12:02:22 -0600
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Hi Nan,

Thanks for searching. I just found some info at this website, and I'm guessing this might be the John Corrigan mentioned in Szuc's books. I don't know how recent this information is, though. I suspect he's the same John Corrigan who is also a co-author of a Chicago Irish book or two.


Hello, from Chicago,
Just recently learned one of my wife's families were from Drung Parish, Co Cavan. James Nathan, I guess immigrated during the Famine, his family immigrated in 1851 and came here to Chicago. His wife was Catherine Brady which is usually only a Cavan name. If you have come across any info on this family I would appreciate it. James was mentioned in the series of books on missing relatives queries published in the Boston Pilot.
I collect info on the Chicago Irish and have a databases with over 15,000 names. If you had any folks come this way I would be glad to exchange information.
Thanks, Happy hunting
John E. Corrigan From: John E. Corrigan <>

Fanning, Charles, Ellen Skerrett, and John Corrigan. Nineteenth Century Chicago Irish: A Social and Political Portrait. Chicago: Center for Urban Policy, Loyola University of Chicago, 1980.

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