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From: Nan Brennan <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] What about the Archdiocese archives?
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 16:04:30 -0600
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Hi Mary Ellen,

Judie, Maureen, Bill and others on this list are more knowledgeable
about this than I am.
But I would think you need to plan this in advance, know exactly what
you are looking
for and call the Records Office and either make an appointment or get
assurances that they will
be open on the day and time you drive in from Cleveland.

They are very co-operative in the limited contact I have had with them.


On Dec 2, 2007, at 10:20 AM, Mary Ellen Chambers wrote:

> Nan~
> Wished I lived in the Chicago area to take advantage of the
> Diocese Archives. A museum, WOW! The Cleveland OH Diocese
> Archives are closed to public use. The have a very small staff who
> try to keep up with the demands but in general it can take months
> and many nudges to get a response. Wish they would be open to
> volunteers but not aware they are. How lucky you are.!
> If you do get a chance to assist and research there, please
> tell us about it. Also, would it be a feasible stop or drive up
> from Cleveland for a day or two or research. Can't wait to hear!
> Mary Ellen Chambers
> Lakewood, OH
> Nan Brennan <> wrote:
> Many of us on this list, although not all, have Irish ancestors who
> were Catholic,
> and the Catholic parish and cemetery records and newspapers are of
> great interest to us.
> Do you think a meeting there could be useful, interesting and
> productive?
> They really have a tremendous historical collection there.
> (They have a natural interest in us as well, as they are looking for
> volunteers
> to transcribe the parish records!)
> I understand they have limited hours, but they might be willing to
> set a date/time apart from their normal operating hours to meet
> with us.
> They might actually enjoy doing a presentation for a group and
> giving us
> a tour of the museum, too. (I didn't even know they had a museum!)
>> The intention of the museum is to display collected treasures for a
>> greater understanding of Chicago Catholicism.
>> The museum shows a part of an American heritage. The Archives &
>> Records Center mounts frequent exhibitions from its collections,
>> which the public is encouraged to visit. A brief introductory tour
>> of the museum exhibit is available to researches and the general
>> public. The exhibit is suitable for diverse audiences.
> They are located at Halsted/Monroe--711 West Monroe.
> I don't know if they have parking, but some of you do!
> Easy to get to driving from W SW or NW.
> Easy to get to by public transit within Chicago
> Pretty easy to get to by public transit from the suburbs.
> It is also about a half block from Old St Pat's. (Masses 11, 12, and
> 5 on Sunday)
> There are restaurants galore in the area. It's in the heart of Greek
> town.
> There are also 2 very popular new, highly rated (may be pricey)
> restaurants,
> a half block away: "Butter" and "Dine the Restaurant"
> They both have websites:
> There is also a Giordano's very nearby at Halsted/Van Buren, which,
> besides pizza and pasta,
> has sandwiches and salads.
> What do you think?
> Nan
> the museum:
> the collections:
> history:
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