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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Cummins? Purcell? Coman fr Tipperary wed inChicago 1885
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New York TimesMarch 21, 1885.

Two Cousins Leave Ireland to be Married in Chicago

Chicago March 20

A pretty Irish girl, with an air of refinement and a nose
as straight as St Cecilia's, stood gazing wistfully
through the marriage license window in the
County Clerk's office yesterday morning. This
pensive beauty was a runnaway from a rich father
in Tipperary Ireland. Her name she gave us
MARY CUMMINS. She had come all the way from
Ireland to Chicago in order to marry CORNELIUS
COMAN, her second cousin. They eloped from
Ireland together several weeks ago. The couple
were married last night. To a reporter she
said, "My father is a well-to-do manufacturer
in Tipperary, and objected to Neil
on account of his poverty. Neil's father is a
farmer, and also lives in Tipperary, and because
he was not wealthy my father positively forbade
me having anything to do with him. But I was
of age and told my father that the law made me
the chooser of my own partner for life. My
mother favored our courtship, you know, and I
was determined to exercise my privilege. A
stormy scene took place, and my father said for
my impertinence he would send me to America
unless I gave up Cornelius. I defied him," ex-
claimed the little woman as she stamped the floor
with her foot, "and told him I would
not give him up. Father then purchased
my ticket for New York. He intended sending
me to my Aunt ROSANNA (a MRS ENRIGHT) living
in NewYork. All the arrangements for the trip
were made, and during this time I was kept
away from Cornelius. But I managed to send
word to him and let him know that I was going
to America. He made arrangements to go too,
and when I was taken to Queenstown he followed
and purchased a ticket on the same steamship
in which I was to sail. When I bade my father
and mother good-bye they were not aware
that Cornelius had followed me and was
on board. We arrived at New York on the 6th
of March, and neither of us had a penny,
for I had given part of the money that father
gave me to Neil to pay his passage. Neil had an
uncle here that he knew would help him, but
our first thought was to get married and then
wait until Neil could communicate with his
uncle here in Chicago. We went to Father
Riordan, a priest in Castle Garden, New York.
He promised to marry us, but when he spoke
to Archbishop Corrigan the latter refused to grant
a dispensation on account of our relationship."
The couple came on to this city and, failing
to explain about the relationship, had no trouble
about the dispensation. They will settle down

Well! I wonder what became of them!

They did marry in Chicago, their March 19 cook county marriage cert
is in the Ill Marriage Index
I don't find them in the 1900 census. Her name is listed as Coman on
that cert, buy her
husband's obit gives her maiden name as Purcell.

Cornelius became a police officer. In 1910 He and Mary were living
at 1859 So Hamilton.
He was 50 and she was 46. They had two children Timothy 16 and
Josephine 7.

By 1920 Mary had died, Cornelius, still a Chicago Police Officer and
still at the Hamlin
address was living with his children, Josephine 16 and Timothy 25.
Timothy was a
bookkeeper for the electric company.
There was a Mary Comans in the Illinois Death index who died on Jan
4, 1916, could be her.
And a Mary B Coman who died in Oak Park on Jan 20 1917.

Cornelius died in 1928 at age 68.
Chicago Tribune obit:

beloved husband of the late Mary, nee Purcell,
father of Timothy E and Josephine M. brother
of John B. Edward J. Thomas F. Timothy E.
Mrs Thomas Maher, and Mrs Thomas Sullivan.
Funeral Friday Nov 23 at 930am from
his home 1859 S Hamlin Ave
to Blessed Sacrament church. Interment Calvary

Son Timothy Edward died in 1968, he never married.
He was buried from St Peter Canisius church, to Calvary.
Josephine was living and unmarried at the time of her brother
Timothy's death.
Timothy was a stenographer for the City of Chicago per his 1917 WWI
draft reg
His DOB was March 30, 1892. (SSDI gives 30 Mar 1894 as DOB and 15
Nov 1968 as date of death)
Josephine died in Niles on June 21 1998. She was 95 years old and
had never married.
She was born July 4, 1903.

This Tribune obit is probably Cornelius's brother:
COMANJuly 18, 1935
John Coman of 115 S Austin Blvd; found brother of Josephine Maher;
Bridget Sullivan
Edward, Thomas of Glen Ellyn, Timothy and the late CORNELIUS COMAN.
Funeral Friday July 19 at 9am from chapel, 3004 Ogden av., to St
Catherine of Siena church.
Interment Calvary

Their was a Cornelius "Comans" who died in Chicago 11-21-1928 in the
Illinois death index.
This would be him.

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