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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Fwd: May 3rd 1865 From the Tipperary Times.
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Thought this might be good reading for Irish

> May 3rd 1865 From the Times.
> Assisted Emigration to Canterbury, New Zealand.
> "No Irish need apply".
> To the Editor of the Irish Times.
> 6 Eden Quay, Dublin May 2nd, 1865.
> Sir---As constant purchasers and readers of your
> paper, we trust that you
> will kindly allow us a little space for the
> following;-----
> It appears that the dastardly howl of "No Irish need
> apply" has been taken
> up, and is being vociferated by, her Majesty's
> Provincial Government of
> Canterbury, New Zealand. This Government has lately
> issued circulars stating
> that they require emigrants of almost every class
> from the United Kingdom,
> and setting forth the greatest inducements for
> labouring men, mechanics and
> artisans, to proceed to that colony, offering them
> passages from London for
> £8.10. the current rate for a steerage passage being
> £15. A few days since
> we forwarded to London the application of a
> carpenter residing in the County
> of Tipperary, who is a man of undoubted character,
> having testimonials that
> could not be found fault with, and prepared to pay
> the £8.10. forthwith---an
> eligible emigrant in every respect. Here is the
> reply from London, verbatim.
> "Quite impossible, the probability of an Irish
> application being so remote,
> that it is not worth while to spend even the postage
> upon it. "
> We leave it to yourself and the people of Ireland to
> form your own and their
> opinion on this, to us, malignant and intolerant
> spirit displayed by the
> GENTLEMEN comprising her Majesty's Provincial
> Government of Canterbury
> towards Irish men and Irishwomen. After this, who
> will blame our people for
> flying to the Great Republic of the West, "Where a
> man is a man if he's
> willing to toil", and where Irish industry, Irish
> Valour, and Irish
> intellect are more likely to be acknowledged and
> rewarded than in the
> British colonies.
> We can show you ample and sufficient proof that the
> answer to the Tipperary
> man's application is a genuine copy of the original,
> which is held by your
> obedient servants,
> Wells and Holohan.

Dan Hogan

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