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From: patricia meyers <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Irish Studies Program St Xavier
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 22:27:31 -0700 (PDT)
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Sounds like you are making progess in your house! I put in a work request to have some things fixed in my apt....I hate having strangers in my house.

I assumed it was the whole Xav's thing that was cancelled...I thought it was strange that there were only two classes....I will see Maureen the first Friday in October so I will ask her about it....

Hope to see you at a meeting some time, or else working in the library. Now that the weather will be changing I won't be showing up at the library as much...especially for the evening genealogy meetings...brrrrr! I'm freezing already....


Beth Walsh <> wrote:
Hi Pat,
I'm not sure if the language program was cancelled also. Kathy's portion on history and genealogy and Maureen's on dance and culture were the 2 that I know for sure are cancelled.
It's too bad, as I have been kind of helping Kathy (at least as a sounding board and in some information gathering) as she's been putting this program together. She is still doing the presentation at the State Genealogical Session (I think that's the one in Elmhurst??). It looks pretty good - I proofread it for her yesterday. Lots of good ideas and many more available on some handouts. This is all on Irish geanealogy and history in Chicago. I'll try and get some copies.
Otherwise, I'm still working all these goofy hours at both places. I'm trying to get some action around the house - we finally got the faucet in the tub fixed and today I went out and bought a microwave to replace the one that fizzled out and died a few weeks ago.

patricia meyers
Hi, Beth,
I was just looking at the Xav's program and thinking how nice it would be to take the Celtic language program. Can't do it of course, but maybe if they offered it early enough to make some plans....

How are you? How is working going?


Beth Walsh wrote:
Unfortunately, most if not all of this was cancelled as they did not receive enough applicants for the course. Hopefully, they will offer it again in the future. 2 of the teachers that were going to teach segments of the course work with me and we were just talking about this just before I left work this evening.

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