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Thanks so much for copying it for me ,Mary. Sounds wonderful.

> I wonder why the tinyurl address didn't work. Here's the article in full. (I
> apologize in advance for the length).
> Old County Records Being Put Online September 7, 2007
> Professional genealogists and people interested in researching their family
> tree will soon be able to access key records from home instead of ordering
> by mail or traipsing down to a musty office in the Loop, Cook County Clerk
> David Orr said Thursday.
> If all goes as planned, newly digitized versions of county records such as
> birth and death certificates and marriage licenses will be available
> beginning in January on one searchable Web site that will revolutionize how
> such research is done, Orr said. "It's going to be a big boon for us and for
> the genealogy folks who have to go through us to get the records," Orr said.
> "It will allow them to go online to see if the records exist, to find
> relatives and purchase copies online."
> The Web site is part of a massive yearlong effort to digitize the county's
> 24 million vital records, which date to 1871, when record-keeping began
> after the Chicago Fire wiped out previous stockpiles, clerk's office
> spokeswoman Kelley Quinn said.
> The records have stacked up for decades in the basement area of the county's
> administration building at Clark and Randolph Streets, where conditions have
> not been ideal. "We've had rats, floods, fires, bugs, you name it," Orr
> said. Over the years, the county has made special efforts to save some
> records, including employing a special "freeze-drying" process to restore
> documents that had water damage, he said.
> Scanning and indexing each record was completed in June, and the county is
> uploading about 1 million files per week into a computer server, a process
> that is expected to be complete by the end of the year, Quinn said.
> "Everything will be updated and fully digitized at that point," Quinn said.
> Once the digitizing process is complete, Cook County will be one of the
> first counties in the U.S. to have all such materials stored electronically,
> she said.
> The genealogy Web site will offer a tutorial for people interested in
> researching family trees and allow users to search for relatives by name.
> Once the proper person is found, users can pay a fee to download records and
> print them at home. Documents available online will be birth certificates
> that are at least 75 years old, marriage certificates more than 50 years
> old, and death certificates more than 20 years old, Quinn said. She said
> that certified copies, which are required to obtain official documents such
> as a driver's license, will not be available online. No Social Security
> numbers will be available on the online documents, she said.
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> Just wondering if anybody besides me had trouble accessing this site.
> It got me to the Tribune, but the page wasn't available.
> wrote:
>> I found this gem in the Chgo Tribune today! I had to read the article
> twice
>> because I couldn't believe what I was reading J
>> tory
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