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Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] 1st Irish American Catholic Chicago Mayor
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 12:46:27 EDT

This is so funny to me. I wonder from where his roots are?

I had a first cousin named John Patrick Hopkins (died 12/11/06). My roots
are in Mayo near Castlebar.

My connection to Chicago is not very strong. My paternal great aunt, Honora
Hopkins Fahey, lived in Chicago from 1898-1924. She and her husband are also
buried in Calvary. There may have been a cousin, Delia Hopkins, who also lived
in Chicago but that's all on my Hopkins line in Chicago.

Nora Hopkins FitzGerald
Chicago roots: Honora Hopkins Fahey from Crimlin townland, Turlough Civil
Parish. Lived on Ravenwood.

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John Patrick Hopkins

b. October 29, 1858;

d. October 13, 1918
buried in Calvary Cemetery

Democrat Hopkins became mayor in 1893 in a special election held
after the assassination of Carter Harrison. As an official five years
earlier of theGeorg eF. Pullman Co., Hopkins was described by
contemporary writer William T. Stead in his book "If Christ Came to
Chicago: as the "only man in Pullman who dared call his soul his
own." He was mayor during the Pullman strike of 1894, during which he
used his own money to help feed the strikers.

He was the first of nine Irish-American Catholic mayors of Chicago

Thanks to Kim Thorp of Cook County Genealogy Trails for the online
listing of Chicago Mayors

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