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Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 00:48:55 EDT

Haven't seen any responses from the West side or suburbs. Here's a few for
the list - just to let you know we're here too. I used to work near Midway
Airport 1959-1962. That's about the only place I've been on the South side,
except the museums & Martinique, but I think Martinique closed some time
ago. I was born & raised on the West side, area known as Galewood (1800 North &
6800 West - around North Ave & Oak Park Ave) & have been in the North
Western suburbs since 1967( Elk Grove Village/Schaumburg/Elk Grove Village) . I
think this list is a great idea. NAN - Many thanks for doing all this work
for us.
Karen J Richman

CAREY - Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland -1849
Keokuk, Iowa - 1860-1900 St Peter's Catholic Church (now known as All Saints
Chicago, Illinois 1900-1906 St Mel's - West Side

CONNELL - Queenstown, Ireland 1844
Keokuk, Iowa -1862-1900 St. Peter's Catholic Church (now known as All Saints
Chicago , Illinois -1893-1941 Old St. Pat's Church, St. Mark's, St. Mel's
Oak Park, Illinois - 1941-1962 St Giles

SULLIVAN -Tulllamore Bally Bunion County Kerry Ireland 1866 - ?
Chicago, Illinois -1893-1941 Old St Pat's Church, St Mark's, St, Mels
Oak Park, Illinois -1941-1962 St Giles

KEARNS - Ireland - 1851
Chicago, Illinois 1872 - St Vincent's 1907, St Mel's 1914-1941
Oak Park, Illinois 1941-1962 St Giles
Chicago, Illinois 1962-1967(?) St William's West Side
Forest Park, Illinois 1967(?) - 1974
Elk Grove Village, Illinois 1967-1978 Queen of the Rosary
Schaumburg, Illinois 1978-1985 Catholic Church on Schaumburg Rd, just West
of Meachem Rd
Elk Grove Village, Illinois 1974- 2005 St Julian Eymard
Elk Grove Village, Illinois 1985-2007 St Julian Eymard

MCENERNEY - Chicago, Illinois 1852

CORRIGAN - LaSalle County, Illinois 1869
Chicago, Illinois 1897-1899

TOOMEY -Cork, Ireland 1844
Chicago, Illinois- St Vincent's

BRENNAN - Chicago, Illinois
Glenview, Illinois - near old Navel Station

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