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From: Catherine Sherry <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Interests: Parish Chicago NeighborhoodSurnames
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 07:52:30 -0400
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Oddly, the Sherry is not even remotely Irish, although it looks good on
paper. The Sherry is truncated from Sherotsky, which is Russian/Polish. My
father-in-law legally changed the name as a young man. Sadly, he died before
I could ask him why he did so. My husband is from Long Island, NY, so no
connection with your Sherrys.

However, if anyone ever stumbles along Sherotsky information, let me know!
I've found almost nothing on the family. NY census records are such a mess
that I had to look up people by their addresses, because I knew where they
lived, but could never get their names to come up on the census. The address
avenue worked, and voila, there they were!


On 7/19/07 11:39 PM, "patricia meyers" <> wrote:

> Cathy,
> Any of your Sherry family from St Sabina's? I knew a Marianne Sherry,
> brother William from that parish.
> Patti Meyers
> Catherine Sherry <> wrote:
> Cathy Sherry
> Now live near South Bend, IN
>> From South Suburbs of Chicago
> Interests:
> Butler, Co. Longford
> Christie, Co. Longford
> Ryan, Co. Mayo
> Hawley, Co. Mayo
> On 7/19/07 11:26 PM, "" wrote:
>> oops I did it again, sorry
>> Ann Minogue Smith
>> 98th & Winston, Chicago, IL
>> St. Margaret of Scotland
>> Minogue, Co. Clare
>> Allen, Co. Clare
>> Kane, Co. Clare
>> Kennedy, Co. Clare
>> Bergin, Co. ?
>> McCarthy, Currow Co. Kerry
>> Morris, Currow Co. Kerry
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