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The gentleman at the East Clare Genealogical Society in 2003 told me of the intermarriages of these 3 names in East Clare.? There is a woman who lives in Caher, near Feakle, in East Clare who is up in years now and is the never married?niece of a man named John Miniter & she told me the same on a visit to her home.

In my own family, Bridget Miniter of East Clare married John Kane.? I don't know for sure what county he is from. ? I just know they married soon after arrival in America in the 1850's.?

I wish I know more than that.


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I don't know where my Kane's were from in Ireland, but best guess is County
Clare.? They intermarried with Miniter's and Minogue's of Clare, and I note
your maiden name in your email.? Maybe yours were not from Clare, but I know
Minogue is a familiar name there.?


Hi Susan,

Yes my Minogue's were from Clare. O'Callahan's Mills, Co. Clare. Which is
in East Clare.

I always wondered how they married, did the have dances and maybe mix East
and West Clare?? I never heard about Miniters, Minogues and Kanes
intermarrying that is very interesting to me. You don't by chance remember
where you
read that do you??


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