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Subject: [IRISH-IN-CHICAGO] Foely & Caulfield
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 05:50:24 -0700 (PDT)
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Nan, Thanks for your response.
You found my folks. The Marriage Index showing Delia
Callaghan and Patrick Foley and Michael Foley and Kate
"Canfield" are mine. I got the marriage certificates
but they just show place of birth as Ireland. The
"Canfield" was because of the poor writing of the
priest who wrote Caufield which I know is incorrect
from the 1880 census showing Kate as Caulfield, the
family bible with that name and her death certificate.
I don't know of any connection with that Bridget. I
don't know when Patrick and Micheal came to Chicago or
to the US. BTW they were brother's and when Micheal
and Kate died Patrick and Delia took in their one
remaining child, John Joseph. I saw that Patrick
registered to vote in 1899 and had become a citizen.
I wrote (about 10 years ago) for the naturalization
papers but did not receive anything. Unfortunately
when Patrick and Michael came which would have been
before the 1882 marriage, the passengers' lists did
not have the details which came in a few years later.
These Foley men were born @1860 give or take a few

I find Kate on the 1880 census and Patrick Foley, with
the orphan, John Joseph Foley, 1910, etc. I don't
see any of the men in 1880 and don't see Patrick
Caulfield after the 1899 registration.

Living in FL it is hard to get the info. I sort of
quit looking for these folks a few years ago. I am
thinking I need to concentrate on finding Patrick's
naturalization application and papers. This might
provide info as to exactly where they came from. The
family lore is Co. Roscommon. I also need to look for
the naturalization papers of Patrick Caulfield who was
living with Kate when she died. I am thinking he was
her brother.

Anyone have any other suggestsions? Thanks Janice

Nan, I live in no. Fla. outside Jacksonville.

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